On today’s podcast we talks about our Serie A predictions ahead of the new season!

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00:00 – 03:35 Intro
03:35 – 06:50 Previewing Inter
06:50 – 12:10 Relegation Predictions
12:10 – 19:47 16th -11th Predictions
19:47 – 22:17 10th/9th Predictions
22:17 – 24:50 Thoughts On Fiorentina
24:50 – 25:26 8th Place?
25:26 – 27:13 Do You Sell Vlahovic?
27:13 – 29:40 7th/6th Predictions
29:40 – 32:50 Expectations For Roma
32:50 – 36:32 5th Place?
36:32 – 51:14 TOP 4 PREDICTION
51:14 – 56:40 SCUDETTO WINNERS?
56:40 – 59:22 Explaining Predictions
59:22 – 1:00:34 Outro

Much love to channels that inspire us: @Don Robbie @AC Milan @TroopzTV @Rory Jennings @Expressions Oozing @Football Daily @Euro Football Daily @Juventus @The Football Terrace @Serie A

There is many agreements and disagreements on the rankings. If Juventus will win it now, or will Inter still compete. Wil sarri and Mourinho bring new life to Lazio and Roma to compete for top 4? Can Spalletti bring Napoli a champions league spot? Also can Atalanta make champions league for the 4th Consecutive time? Also who will go down to Serie B? Let us know you predictions

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Today on our football / soccer / calcio podcast we go over the fun highlights of SERIE A and talk about the BEST goals from JUVENTUS , INTER Milan, AC Milan, with superstars Cristiano Ronaldo goal , Romelu Lukaku who scored a penalty kick goal . Juan Cuadrado was at the center of controversy after his rigore from Ivan Perisic and Antonio Conte watched on. ESPN shows the Serie A highlights and full game with ESPNFC / ESPN FC talking about the goals this round. ESPN+ recap like The Kickoff show from True Geordie who recap Premier League like Alisson Becker winning goal in the 94′

BOBOTV with Cassano & Vieri does something similar in Italian & Italy Italia with Jose Mourinho

Marco Messina , Michael Kantaris, Peter Curto, Antonio Cinquepalmi , Gaetano Messina make up the podcast

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  1. Superior 7

    Milan will win the league title, Napoli to win Europa league

  2. Mario Leone

    Jajajaja Omg this prediction are priceless

  3. Gianluca Midolo

    My opinion is biased (AC Milan fan) so I am rooting for Milan ofc. But I have a feeling Roma or Lazio will win it this year. Both teams look really good.

  4. Dion Ferizi

    they guy with glasses and white shirt is legit clueless and toxic af

  5. Peolo -

    1) Atalanta
    2) Inter
    3) Milan
    4) Juve
    5) Napoli
    6) Roma
    7) Lazio
    8) Fiorentina
    9) Sassuolo
    10) Sampdoria
    11) Torino
    12) Bologna
    13) Udinese
    14) Hellas Verona
    15) Cagliari
    16) Genoa
    17) Empoli
    18) Spezia
    19) Salernitana
    20) Venezia

  6. Joel Khoo

    Lazio (or Napoli) win !

  7. Brian White

    The milan guy is the stupidest one

  8. #MTB LUCA

    mate wow you put a team who llost to empoi

  9. Walker

    Goran Pandev 🇲🇰 legend in Serie A

  10. Mario Leone

    Gonna save this video.. To make fun in april

  11. Anto D

    Juve are everything but balanced at the moment…

  12. weakpass

    btw – it's good everyone sees Venezia coming last, was the same last season and you all saw how it went.

  13. weakpass

    Venezia has a long term plan. those acquisitions mean sustainability in the long term. I agree in terms on having a lot of questions mark, but this is the way for a small team to build up. Might even be relegation this years, but long term plan for sure.

  14. 021_Anindya Bagchi


  15. Jeepman89

    Wow, 3 celebrities on the panel: Zaza, Robert Loggia and Eugene Levy.

  16. Jeepman89

    Eugene Levy with the glasses.

  17. Sziter 18

    The Inter is going to silence everyone.

  18. ahmad khursheed

    Forza milan

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