NFL Experts Share Divisional Round Game Picks [Teams to Advance] | CBS Sports HQ

NFL Experts Share Divisional Round Game Picks [Teams to Advance] | CBS Sports HQ

Pete Prisco and Todd Fuhrman join CBS Sports HQ to share their bets for every NFL Divisional Round game!


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Expert Picks for EVERY NFL Divisional Playoff Game [Best Bets, Parlays, & MORE] | CBS Sports HQ

Pete Prisco and Brady Quinn share their best bets for the NFL Divisional playoff games!

0:00-7:43 Bengals vs Titans
7:44-13:14 49ers vs Packers
13:15-21:06 Rams vs Buccaneers
21:07-25:46 Bills vs Chiefs
25:47-28:17 Best Bets


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  1. Lou V

    SUNDAY AFTERNOON AND TODD IS 1-1 AND PETE IS 0-2. PITIFUL. What these guys forgot is how Tennahill sucked and they always talk about both sides of the ball and always forget special teams.. the downfall of the Packers. So much for "life experts"…

  2. James R Baylis

    Today we should see the Buccaneers win & the Bills win,

  3. Kenneth Collins

    Hey Fuhrman, there isn’t anything to forgive Akers, Stafford missed him on that throw, Akers ran right by his guy and Stafford just missed him, bad take there

  4. Remy D

    How is the Rams beating the bucs an upset when just about every expert is picking the Rams. At this point the upset is BUCS beating Rams

  5. Chopper Morton

    forget about it! Tommy Terrific, again in SB 56 for his eighth ring! Winners always find a way!

  6. Mr Playtime

    Brady will win

  7. Ultima

    Todd said the Packers would win the super bowl during the off season. Todd chooses 49ers defeating Packers here. He is inconsistent in his picks.

  8. Energy Healer

    Titans win by 8 don't worry about key numbers 24 16

  9. Hairy Raisin

    Let’s “pin our ears back” 😂😂😂😂💯

  10. Overlanding Family

    Bengals will win, 49's win, bucs win, and chiefs win 😉

  11. Caje Quartz


  12. Tim Moore

    The 2007 NY Giants played 5-straight away games too. They narrowly lost the last regular game of the season to the Patriots (which kept them undefeated). In the playoffs, as the underdogs, they played away games against the Bucs (Jeff Garcia QB), the Cowboys (Romo), and the Packers (Farve) and beat them all. Then the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots (Brady), in the SB. So, I am hoping my 49ers can replicate that underdog away-playing Giants team.

  13. Madona Lovely💜💜


    Senada: "Hermoso."
    Amor. "Momentos."
    Jamas.: "Corazon."
    Habara.: "Sostengo. ."

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.

  14. Elite O.G

    Wow … No mention on the vulnerability of the secondary of Tennessee. Ranked 28th secondary in a division with Carson Wentz, a dysfunctional jaguars team, and a absent DeShaun Watson Texan team. That's the best you can do? Yeah t let's Passover all that information of the three headed monster Cincinnati is bringing to the table with a quarterback that plays like a point guard in the pocket. Good inside analysis CBS I'm being sarcastic

  15. Ed alhouse

    I pick the Bengals, Packers, Bucks with Brady, Chiefs! The Chiefs could go all the way!

  16. JARED 23

    Round 2 Pete vs Todd. Very good picks from both. Love that competition between these two.

  17. tommy mikulski

    Buffalo rolls again

  18. Nick

    Lol can't wait for Todd to go 0-4 ATS

  19. Alex Molano

    So much for this expert…..Your picks lost……lol

  20. willyD200

    How much money did these guys lose ?

  21. Jeff Mason

    Do these 'experts' still have jobs??

  22. Shutup Meg

    Prisco is 0-2 so far 🤦🏼‍♂️ do NOT get your betting advice here folks

  23. Allen Campbell

    These experts will have a great career being weather forecasters

  24. Liz Alarcon

    I guess they were wrong about the 49ers. Very good game.

  25. Dale Radder

    CBS aka Complete Bullshit

  26. Dale Radder

    Experts my ass. They got it all wrong again. Packers favorite over 49ers oops . Titans favorite over Bengals oops. Don't go to Vegas you will lose everytime.

  27. The Dave

    Winner!!!! Brady Quinn!!!! 9ers and under. I love it!!!!

  28. Michael Downes

    Good call Brady !!!!

  29. Blake Sanders

    Hey Titans Fans: “Remember the Tight Ones”?

  30. Dennis Xavier

    How can people be payed for saying stupidity like these guys? Every team they insist to be the best loses.

  31. mike hand

    Experts ?????TOO SILLY

  32. NfamousKilla

    Y’all get paid for this shit

  33. Victory Begins in the Garden

    this did not age well lol

  34. Rick Justus

    Bucs aren't chopped liver. You'll eat your words.

  35. Levi Owen

    But san francisco knocked off green bay and Cincinnati knocked off 1# seed titans they are the experts 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹

  36. Jon Bolen

    brady was on point with the bengals

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