NFL Week 9 Betting Preview: Early EXPERT Picks, TOP Storylines + MORE | CBS Sports HQ

Brady Quinn & Danny Kanell join CBS Sports HQ to give early picks for NFL’s Week 9 slate.


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  1. Victor Martinez

    Kenneth Murray !!? 🤡🤡🤡

  2. Nicholas Dessoulis

    Sorry boys but texans won the pts eagles blew a chance to win by more then 13, they sat on the ball after a 12 pt lead

  3. Mr5percenter

    I believe the Eagles will win a close one in Houston. 29-17

  4. jerm dogg

    I really hope seahawks" pull this game out and i think they will.. cuz this Hawks D has gotten so much better and they are fast…


    how do you pick against the Hawks right now?

  6. Kebin Crosby

    This is a underdog channel no way.! If your gambling in week 9 don't listen to this

  7. Marcos Armendariz

    These foos don’t know us son

  8. Music Kingdom

    How interesting to see these uneducated analysts still talking crap about the Seahawks

  9. John Hobbs

    These commentators are Garbage. East cost Bias Did they even watch the Hawks beat the Giants team win ! Complete team win! Go Hawks !!!!

  10. Breckenridge Long

    As a Seahawks fan I'm obviously biased but I really don't think we are going to lose to the Cardinals. Jets and Chiefs sure and maybe the niners(hope not cause ill be there) but not the frickin Cardinals.

  11. Primital

    How did they hire this man named Danny Kanell? His takes on football are so bad it physically hurts me. This dude makes me want to be a analysis or whatever tf this guy is supposed to bring to this network.

  12. Lucas

    Not sure why there's still a handful of people not taking Seattle seriously. You'll come to learn.

  13. Alvin Goodwin

    If Washington O line keeps getting better they have the players on offense..And there front 4 is dam good so do not sleep on this them

  14. Christopher Tutson

    Geno has been the Seahawks for a while, he has learn the plays and play very smart with the ball. Russ was a show did anything to keep his name on ESPN

  15. Christopher Tutson

    Get over yourself the Buc is over. Your guys write this script to keep Brady name going. He look tied and slow out there. He had a great run but it's over in Tampa Bay

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