Las Vegas Raiders Record Prediction For 2023 NFL Season

Las Vegas Raiders Record Prediction for the 2023 NFL Season from Chat Sports’ Mitchell Renz, host of the Raiders Report. The Raiders strength of schedule is ranked 10th in the NFL. The Raiders have 6 primetime games if you include their Christmas matchup against the Chiefs Week 16 as primetime. Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler have a tough road ahead after finishing last season 6-11. For the first time since 2013, Derek Carr will not be the Raiders QB, it will be interesting to see this Raiders offense led by Jimmy Garoppolo, Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs. Will Patrick Graham’s defense

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Las Vegas Raiders 2023 Schedule:
Week 1: at Broncos
Week 2: at Bills
Week 3: vs. Steelers (SNF)
Week 4: at Chargers
Week 5: vs. Packers (MNF)
Week 6: vs. Patriots
Week 7: at Bears
Week 8: at Lions (MNF)
Week 9: vs. Giants
Week 10: vs. Jets (SNF)
Week 11: at Dolphins
Week 12: vs. Chiefs
Week 13: BYE
Week 14: vs. Vikings
Week 15: vs. Chargers (TNF)
Week 16: at Chiefs (Christmas)
Week 17: at Colts
Week 18: vs. Broncos

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  1. Greg Dwyer

    On the low end, Broncos will not be a doormat, we go 2-4 in Division and will only beat GB, Indy, and NE. 5-12. On the high end, Raiders go 3-3 in division, beat those team I listed plus W’s vs Bears and Vikes to finish 7-10. Of course injuries change everything and the AFC is a difficult conference.

  2. King Tone 👑

    Ur dad is 48

  3. TheJedi Master

    Rentz… come on man. Raiders isn’t the worst team in the league to nab the #1 draft pick. This team isn’t as bad as the Nation thinks. Carr held back the team more than you think. You’ll see that McDaniels having his squad is going to be different. The D isn’t as bad… they go 10 or 11 wins. Book it. Coming from a huge Fresno St fan who idolized Carr..

  4. El Jay

    Well, since youre a few years younger than me?
    And my dad is about to be 75, i would say your dad is about to be 70, or 71

  5. El Jay

    The Raiders are so hard to predict..
    I would have thought they finished about 7-10, maybe 8-9 in 2021 and they made the playoffs at 10-7..
    Last year i had the Raiders with a 10-7, possibly 11-6 record and they finished 6-11..
    This year I'm thinking we finish about 7-10, but based on the last two seasons?
    They just might have a good year?

  6. rich martin

    Raiders will go 5-12 not going to win until week 6 ! Unless McDonald's gets fired before week 4

  7. William Ramirez

    Going to be watching both raiders and saints this year. Mainly the raiders but I still love DC so I'm excited to see how he does on a different team.

  8. Margarine

    Your dad is 69

  9. Denny

    I see raiders 10-7 this year . last year was ridiculous blowing leads don’t see that happening again Not 5 times.

  10. Nancy Samsen

    I'm guessing your dad is 57, and a handsome man I might add !

  11. Nancy Samsen

    Raiders are going 10-7 and we are making playoffs ! We have put together a really good team !

  12. chaos 1st mar div

    It's amazing how Many of you thought the Raiders were gonna be great last year and the same thing is happening again 😂 with mcdummy at the helm how is it possible for this team to be good 😂 they won't win more than 5 games this year and that 1st game in Denver is a loss too

  13. Abir Husn

    Yes!!! All home games and Detroit!

  14. Violet Ortiz

    9-8 wild card

  15. David Obregon

    YES…. LAC @ LV

  16. Kyle Miller

    Hopefully I’m going to the Sunday night game against the Jets

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