NFL Week 4: FREE Picks for EACH game [Betting Preview] | CBS Sports HQ

Brady Quinn and Pete Prisco join CBS Sports HQ to preview EVERY Week 4 game!

0:00-3:33 Dolphins at Bengals
3:34-6:10 Vikings at Saints
6:10-10:28 Pete’s Spinning Top of the Week
10:29-12:39 Bills at Ravens
12:40-15:59 Jaguars at Eagles
16:00-19:27 Chargers at Texans
19:28-20:54 Browns at Falcons
20:55-23:53 Jets at Steelers
23:54-26:20 Titans at Colts
26:21-27:55 Commanders at Cowboys
27:56-29:34 Seahawks at Lions
29:35-31:34 Bears at Giants
31:35-36:20 Broncos at Raiders
36:21-38:01 Patriots at Packers
38:02-40:22 Cardinals at Panthers
40:23-42:45 Chiefs at Buccaneers
42:46-43:43 Rams at 49ers


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  1. Igor Gopshtein

    How can you even trust what these so called "experts" have to say? They are wrong most of the time, and this week so far, they have the exact same record of 5-9-1, going into Monday Night Football. That is terrible!!

  2. Typical Skeptic Podcast UfO PaRaNoRmAl pSi

    The losing is starting to make me think this show is controlled opposition. Im just kidding guys we all have bad weeks. Im just naturally conspiratorial. I love your show and you guys have given me alot of winners over the last couple years. Thank You Hope you have a better week

  3. Sam King

    Man, all these betting shows where the so called experts are getting below 50% correct SMH & PMSL

  4. x

    I know like the whole their not financial advisors thing but these dude out here making these picks sounding so confident but have a record like the one they showed.. and just sittin here laughing ab it 😂

  5. Richard Doyle

    Dr. Quinn, MD can't tell the difference between back spasm and concussion.
    Tua contorted, dropped. Concussion – drop, body limp. Moron 'Doctor'! Please!

  6. Harry Balls

    I like these guys but they couldn’t handicap a football game if their lives depended on it.

  7. AloxDelgoodon94

    Pete is such a Tua hater. Even if the dolphins win the Super Bowl this year he would still find a way to hate on Tua.

  8. Frank Chi

    Prisco is such an Axx.

  9. antonio conti

    I font see the video im out

  10. antonio conti

    Why this people has the job 5-12 you dissmist

  11. Supe Simpson

    Broncos will win this game 🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. Elevated State of Being

    I 😍 when they are watching and commenting on a video that we see a still picture for 3 minutes

  13. Michael Palacios

    These guys are smoking crack

  14. Alexander Matthew's

    N F L ~ Week 4
    Thursday Night Dolphins 21 Bengals 31
    Sunday in London Vikings 20 Saints 17
    Bills 30 Ravens 24
    Browns 24 Falcons 21
    Jaguars 29 Eagles 27 ~ Week 4 Upset
    Chargers 34 Texans 17
    Jets 13 Steelers 24
    Titans 17 Colts 20
    Commanders 13 Cowboys 21
    Lions 20 Seahawks 21
    Bears 16 Giants 20
    Cardinals 30 Panthers 24
    Patriots 20 Packers 31
    Broncos 20 Raiders 22
    Chiefs 34 Buccaneers 24
    Monday Night Rams 20 49ers 23
    7 / Road Wins 9 / Home wins

    I got 11 Picks right R 11 – 4 W
    Monday Night Football might make it
    12 Right Picks ?

  15. Parris Styles

    The raiders are an example of a team who needed a defensive head coach. The offense was just fine before McDaniel came in, they just need better olinemen.

  16. D Bettis

    Wrong loins we’re favorite against Washington

  17. D Bettis

    Brady it’s the same damn offense, it’s all west coast from bill Walsh

  18. D Bettis

    My 8 year old went 9-0 last week I can upload the ticket
    I went 13-0 last week
    These guys suck

  19. New Yitty

    The lions was the favorite against the commanders

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