Could the Georgia Bulldogs lose their first game of the season?! | College Football Live

The College Football Live crew react to Georgia and Alabama’s schedules and discuss where the challenges lie.

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  1. Blake Gunter

    This aged well

  2. FawkesMuldarr

    🗑️ video

  3. Johnny Denson

    We beat Nix @ Auburn no way Oregon beating us

  4. Hiv Ionj

    The second comic intrinsically trade because perfume decisively unlock plus a young skin. overjoyed, incandescent club


    Georgia is going to have a easy win against the Ducks

  6. Rebia Kinard

    Georgia wins this one. It's on the doggy list!

  7. Real buckeye X bengals

    I shouldve expected him to say texas would beat bama he looked a joke from the start

  8. Micheal Torres

    Ga's defense……is nasty and reloaded. Hbtfd.

  9. TCGCards sayer


  10. Tj Adams

    When south Carolina is one of your toughest games u know your schedule is terrible

  11. Bri 001

    Oregon beat the buckeyes bc ducks don't play defense

  12. Patrick Harris

    Ohio state might lose to Notre Dame, and UGA is beating Oregon

  13. Dairyair

    Oregon beat the Buckeyes because Ohio had no defense, GA has always had a good defense. Alabama worried about Texas?? I just don't see it. The only opinion I agreed with was Arkansas.

  14. Joe

    UGA has a cupcake schedule

  15. XEverlastingXChaosX

    I don't see it happening. Not with Bo Nix lmao Gimme Dawgs by 3+TDs. Go Dawgs!

  16. Vrrnon Orem

    Yes. I'll take the points and Oregon all day

  17. saldiven2009

    Of course it's possible, but I wouldn't be comfortable betting any meaningful amount of money on a UGA loss in that game.

    Edit: Oh, geez. I hate the, "They're dangerous 'cuz they got nothing to lose" argument. Meaningless nonsense.

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