NFL Week 16: EXPERT PICKS & Predictions for Saturday’s Games | CBS Sports HQ

NFL Week 16: EXPERT PICKS & Predictions for Saturday’s Games | CBS Sports HQ

NFL Week 16: EXPERT PICKS & Predictions for Saturday’s Games | CBS Sports HQ

Ryan Harris joins CBS Sports HQ to give expert picks and predictions for
Week 16 Saturday games.


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  1. Kenneth Pollard

    Sorry bra, 49ers hottest team in football

  2. tieshawn mims

    Let’s go Raiders we gotta handle business no room for mistakes! #lvraiders

  3. J.28Gram

    Bengals losing thanks baldy

  4. Ken Fregien

    I'm so tired of hearing about the Cowboys & Dak , if any team is America's team it's the Patriots (on name alone) who is the genius that started the Cowboys as "America's team" ? I hope the Eagles blow out Dallas with Gardener Minchew , just fyi I'm a Seahawk fan and yes they will lose to the Chiefs (but it's ok I like KC , and not just Mahomes)

  5. Willie Andersn

    Chiefs grind out a cold victory

  6. Willie Andersn

    Bengals keep pushing

  7. Willie Andersn

    Eagles gonna roll the Cowboys

  8. Douglas DeNunzio

    We will see what teams play their best.

  9. Veli Lohaus

    My Futures is KC will upset Philly or SF

  10. LilPineplays

    Come on there’s still hope fellas we as patriots fans should know it ain’t over till it’s over this is gonna be a huge game let’s make it a hell of a story

  11. Kevin Washington

    Just hype only for fans rest our starters in second half we can win the division next week hard to beat a team 3 times we can beat them in the division round

  12. James Court

    Seahawks will get their 358th regular season loss on the 358th day of the year.

  13. Jeff Nordquist

    I agree Bengels for AFC in the SuperBowl NFC Eagles or possibly the Lions in which I prefer to see the Lions instead of the Eagles. Who do you think would win Bengals or Lions. If the Lions enter the SuperBowl I believe they probably would win. They are more hungry for this win.

  14. e4 d5

    Disrespect. No talk of 49ers?!?!?!


    Don't sleep on Seattle Seahawks

  16. Tywayne R


  17. Mike

    So Qbs win games based off facial hair now…Stfu

  18. Doogey

    Bengals in the superbowl 😂 they shouldn’t have been there last year .. Vikings will make the superbowl this year definitely

  19. Kris Garland

    Go cowboys

  20. Binh Lam

    Great show . Hope every pick come True

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