MMG's Week 2 NFL Game Predictions…

nfl week 2 is here baby. here is a look at our week 2 predictions..!



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Cam Stewart, Drew Livingstone & Tommy Tiebreaker preview Week 2 of the NFL season! The guys give their picks, best bets, and survivor selections for Week 2.

LAC V KC – 03:35
MIA V BAL – 06:54
NYJ V CLE – 09:37
WAS V DET – 11:11
IND V JAX – 12:28
TB V NO – 14:54
CAR V NYG – 17:00
NE V PIT – 19:37
ATL V LAR – 21:02
SEA V SF – 22:37
CIN V DAL – 24:55
HOU V DEN – 26:37
ARZ V LV – 29:32
CHI V GB – 32:28
TEN V BUF – 34:06
MIN V PHI – 36:59
BEST BETS – 39:20


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  1. gaming with cd prod.

    With all your predictions the pats are 0-4

  2. Eduardo Carrillo

    Chase really went 0-5 on the switch up picks

  3. FaX

    Matt hit on every game different than chase. Rip the record chase.

  4. Tommy -_-

    5 different games and u got all of them right papa 😮‍💨😮‍💨

  5. Dlionsjr 81

    Chase was wrong 8 times and MMG was wrong 4 lmao

  6. EmeraldCountry

    MMG saying JJ was wide open like that isnt literally how the offense was schemed and plays were designed is wild

  7. DustyDrock

    Here after Week 2 before MNF, MMG didn't play safe, and it worked.

  8. Pogo Power

    Mmg has the nfl script, he purposely gets a few wrong to hide it

  9. Luke Thiese

    how does he think jefferson got open

  10. faze brother

    Joe flavo when off dhz

  11. Jagger Scott

    MMG was so right about Joe Flacco at 2:10 307 YDS 4 TDS 0 INTS

  12. Trevor Harrison

    Just stopped by to remind you “I don’t have a lot of faith in the jaguars” 24-0 you got faith now papa?

  13. Azantix

    Only SNF rn and Papa had a nasty sunday tbh


    Suck fifty chase! Go Cardds

  15. JAX

    he went 4-0 so far. he might know something we don't

  16. Conner Rose

    Also Jefferson has 0 drops in his CAREER. And that Watson guy dropped his first pass

  17. Aiden Bauman

    Me watching this after the Jags game… 👀

  18. Anthony Middlebrooks

    Papa picked the dolphins he knows football

  19. Mathew Herreth

    Who’s here after the Jags whipped the colts?

  20. Elo Dizdarevic

    Best bet on patriots?? I can’t take those guys serious lol

  21. Bhupesh Dihenia

    Cam, great call on Thursday night, KC. Vegas smiling.

  22. Jack Peters

    If you want ppl who actually KNOW what they're talking about and wanna SMASH it week after week with my 🏈🏈🏈 boyz HMU❗️they were > 70% Wk 1 and KILLED college yest

    — FINAL CARD —

    PHI -5 ❌️
    LV +3.5❌️
    WAS -2.5 (BUY)💰
    CLE +1💰
    CHI +7💰
    HOU +7💰
    MIN ML💰

    5 – 2 record work for you❓️😉🤑🤑🤑

  23. BBQ SHOP

    Rams will be 0-2.. Play mad and make all the mistakes………….. seattle will lose also… and Denver will be fine… Ya'll hating on Wilson. he isnt a loser game 1 stop it…

  24. Tony Owusu

    Sorry but I don't take that Drew guys picks seriously..
    Revenge for last year he says.
    Colts haven't won in Jacksonville for 8 years.

  25. Tony Owusu

    You won me some nice cash in week 1 Cam with your close game predictions, thanks…I heard you on the Sunday morning radio show.

  26. Marc Mulcahy

    You can find multiple vegas legends who say if you only fade the public, you will lose in the long run. Obviously, if it was profitable than everyone would do it. Then factor in that every year "Johnny public" gets sharper due to the massive amount of research available online. Handicappers who use the terms, Fade the public, good value, and due, should be avoided.

  27. Jon Bruce

    Drew: "why do they call him Visine Vince?"
    Cam: "Idk, we used to party" 😂😂😂

  28. 💗Nakisha Flores💗

    When tommy says easy money go the opposite 😂

  29. Mohamed Rafeek

    Cam you should do this show by yourself. Got two useless dummies that don't know a touchback from a touchdown smh. Tommy Tiebreaker hating on my Dolphins lol. Guy knows nothing. The Dolphins have a top 5 defense in the game. I guess you didn't see what they did to Lamar Jackson last year?

  30. Kazzy Official

    This show is so good

  31. William Edmondson

    Miami will win

  32. Billy Clifton

    Is "agreeance" Canadian for agreement? 😊

  33. Rakesh P

    Drew, Cam, and Tommy — you guys have the best damn NFL picks show…keep up the awesome work. Saying that….how can the the Browns not be apart of the best bets…easiest pick of the week.

  34. Gurpreet Hari

    CAM on fire wow! Houston & Giants money!!

  35. CMey3111

    Best game of the week for me is Vikings & Eagles

  36. CMey3111

    Eagles vs Vikings ~ I think offense its equal as well as defense the difference maker is the Running Back(s) In this game Dalvin Cook is far more superior then the Eagles & Sanders (I get Hurts can run as well) but Minnesota will be able to contain Him enough.. I like Vikings to cover…

  37. jimmyk127

    Hey Cam and true the Patriots are now favored by two to two and a half should I take them

  38. Bhupesh Dihenia

    Cam, congrats on weight loss. I enjoy your show.

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