NFL Opening Line Report | NFL Week 18 Betting Odds and Predictions with Drew Martin and Teddy Covers

The last week of the 2021-22 NFL regular season is upon us. In this week’s edition of The Opening Line Report, Teddy Covers and Drew Martin recap Sunday’s action before breaking down the Week 18 betting market from three key angles: a) What were the look-ahead lines from last week; b) Where did the lines re-open after Sunday’s action; c) Where the lines are heading before kickoff this week. Join Teddy and Drew every Monday for this informative NFL betting exercise.

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NFL Week 18:
Introduction 00:00
Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles 9:00
Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs 12:10
Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers 15:09
Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears 17:25
Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots 19:11
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts 21:46
Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets 24:55
Tampa Bay Bucs vs Carolina Panthers 27:33
Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans 30:13
New York Giants vs Washington Football Team 32:28
Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints 35:12
Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers 37:16
Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals 39:02
Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks 41:17
Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers 43:32
Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Chargers 46:12

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  1. Ashraf Sehrai

    The Game between LA Chargers An LV Was a fixed match To end i a Tie ,So that Both teams Will be IN Play-offs ,but other teams WIN/LOSS THAT SCENARIO Changed and Their PLAN FAILED

  2. Jennifer Renolds

    Cowboys -10 is sure thing

  3. Paul Revere


  4. Randy Harris

    Teddy how much do you factor in a previous meeting of two teams from the year before? For example the Dallas Ariz game last week I notices in a previous meeting Ariz had beaten Dallas like 37 to 7 with Dalton at QB that seems an indication Dallas minus 6 was out of line for their game last week.

  5. Calvin M

    Oh and by the way I want to thank you guys this early line report gets me on the right side of the number every single week thanks

  6. Calvin M

    I have a question for Teddy
    If you have a power ranking number of -3
    And the line is -6. Does that three points make you get to the window

  7. Brandon Taylor

    Took cards ML, WFT to cover -6.5, Bucs to cover -8, and chiefs to cover -10.

    125$ to pay 1,060

  8. Edgard Saflor

    Yea , Alabama Down 'em Tide!

  9. Brian Adlich

    The Rams SHOULD be incredible. But i get burned when i bet on them and when i lay off they cover. They getting on my nerves.

  10. Mitig Inini

    Is betting a 3 team parlay a.good idea ?

  11. Hadi Damani

    Need you guys as part of my weekly betting strategy! Keep up the amazing work!

  12. James Court

    Watch Jonathan Talyor be on the covid list against Jacksonville to create ultimate parody for Steelers to get in.

  13. James Court

    With the Rams playing for virtually nothing but seeding I'm liking 49'ers making the playoffs over the Saints. Saints can't score and Atlanta can drop a turd in their gumbo.

  14. Keith B

    up more units this past week teddy and drew!! wish there were more weeks but so excited for playoffs let’s goo

  15. JasonTheWorldisYours

    Teddy is such a legend for responding to everyone comments💯

  16. Allan S

    Great show guys very entertaining to listen. My eyes are on the charger game

  17. Dee Williams

    Mr. All business love the opening line report show.

  18. Sebastian Anthony

    Sure got that season win total for Cleveland Browns W R O N G 😝

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