NBA Picks and Predictions | Daily NBA Betting Preview | Tip-Off Show for February 3

WagerTalk’s NBA Tip-Off Show brings you NBA picks, predictions and odds for Thursday, February 3. Join Joe Raineri and a rotating panel of professional handicappers for the NBA Tip-Off Show as we discuss tonight’s marquee games. Who woulda thought that the Lakers and Clippers would be the No. 8 and No. 9 seeds in the West on February 3?! Who will emerge from the Battle for LA tonight? Stay up-to-date on the latest NBA news, stats, analysis, and predictions with our panel of pro sports bettors as they preview tonight’s NBA action from a betting perspective.

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Thursday’s Featured NBA Games:
Detroit Pistons vs Minnesota Timberwolves 5:55
Atlanta Hawks vs Phoenix Suns 10:35
Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers 15:18
Thats My Dawg 21:29
Buzzer Best Bets 25:57

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  1. Phil MaCleats

    Time to retire Teddy or do the books pay you too much to send us 50 hour a work guys you’re guaranteed losers . You stink haven’t made anyone any money nor have anyone else there . Can’t believe how much I paid these people to give me their awful Choices. What an idiot I am. I’ll never watch this crack again but know that I will click on every day just to hit the dislike button. Hey Veno, great call on that under first half on the suns Twolves game last week. What was there 200 points in the first half . How much did the sheenies you work for pay you to peddle that one. Take your percentages and all your numbers and your crap picks and your cohorts and catch abus would ya

  2. Kris Lawrence


  3. McStrokeAvision

    Definitely under the Clippers have played some of the worse defensive teams in the league recently.

  4. Mike Hennessy

    i bet against john ryans angle of the day. blowouts trend to unders

  5. Stephen Ling

    hawks is my best play of the day

  6. I-everything.

    Rob Veno is by far the best analyst on the channel!

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