NEW College Football Playoff Rankings | LSU, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio State USC, TCU, CFB Rankings

NEW College Football Playoff Rankings | LSU, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio State USC, TCU, CFB Rankings

NEW College Football Playoff Rankings | LSU, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio State USC, TCU, CFB Rankings

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What’s Next? The Big 12 Attacks the PAC for Conference Expansion | College Football Realignment with Grayson Grundhoefer

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  1. Frank Gagnon

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  2. Frank Gagnon

    I was having issues with bank loader for scammed twice till a friend on YouTube told me about acclaimbanking and he able to send me $10,000 with no issues

  3. Kevin Walker

    Michigan beats Ohio State pack ten game

  4. Dale Menard

    I love the tigers go tigers


    NEWSFLASH!!!! LSU haters are excused from the comment section!!! #GEAUXTIGERS

  6. Jay Smitty

    Dude your last name is just like it sounds…Pickle. 🥒 PicKell lmfaooooo


    If the OSU vs Michigan game is close then both teams will make the playoffs. Doesn’t make sense to put a 2 loss team or a team that has lost against a worse opponent ahead of a team who’s only loss is by 1 of the top 3 teams in a close game.

  8. jdixon1234

    If LSU wins out they will have the best wins out of the whole group. Big if.

  9. Jared A

    LSU is beating UGA, yall better get in on the money line now.

  10. Jt Luttermoser

    He said game.. blouses lmfao. Legendary

  11. Deacon Guidry

    There stands Saban like a fucking stone wall at #7. Does anyone remember #7 LSU in 2007 going into the last week of the BCS era? We know Michigan and Ohio State will take one or the other out for certain, TCU has been trying to lose for almost 5 weeks, LSU is on a winning streak but their offense can be suspect at times and against a wounded A&M and a Georgia waiting in Athens, USC's next 2 games are tuff. I have spoken…

  12. Lance Floray

    This time last year I thought Ceorgia would lose a game and that did happen This year I don't see them losing any games. Back-to-back for the Bulldogs

  13. deant007

    If you had 100 points to divide between the top 6, how would you divide? Maybe this would be % chance winning the national championship versus making playoffs.

    GA 35
    Ohio State 15
    Mich 15
    TCU 14
    LSU 7
    USC 14

  14. Nicholas Woods

    Ohio state > Georgia in the natty

  15. Glenn Ellerbe

    I'm calling it right now… LSU will get the Natty. Again.

  16. Glenn Ellerbe

    Notre Dame will beat USC.
    So, USC is out.
    Either Ohio State or Michigan will lose
    So, one of them is out
    If LSU loses to Georgia – then LSU is obviously out.
    But if LSU beats Georgia – then they are both in. Because it would be impossible to keep Georgia in – without including LSU who beat them.
    As for TCU – sorry… Junior High teams don't count. They're out. Unless the Committee wants to see yet another "over-ranked fairy tale team" get destroyed by a real team.
    Most likely outcome will be:
    LSU beats Georgia — and they are both in.
    Which leaves 2 spots…
    One of those spots goes to the Ohio State vs Michigan winner.
    And the other spot goes to TCU or USC.
    Bank on it.

  17. The Omega Man

    Yes. This is all political. They want SC in the RoseBowl and the one loss Big Ten team. They’re doing everything possible to get two SEC teams in the playoff. LSU as no business in the mix.

  18. Jacob Bolen

    LSU lose, USC lose, michagan lose clemson gets in if we win out. Lots of things to fall in place but it’s possible

  19. VonBluesman

    Even though there is a short limited amount of time left in the season, there is still plenty of football left to play that will determine the final outcome.

  20. Derek McBride

    I don't want to add to the pile of dumb what ifs. However, what do y'all think about the PAC-12 merging w/ the ACC if the ACC dissolves, maybe make the PAAC or APAC.

    A two division conference where each team would only have to play 1 or 2 games on the other coast. This conference probably wouldn't include top teams like Clemson, who would jump into the BIG-10 or SEC, but it would be an interesting move to prolong the inevitable of a two conference monopoly.

    This may be the PAC-12's best option if some of the 4-corners schools jump to the BIG-12.

  21. Craig E

    You are right Big 12 teams can make close to 51 million a year with everything added in basketball ball , bowls, etc.

  22. Craig E

    The big 10 still wants to add 2 more schools to help USC and UCLA with travel

  23. Craig E

    The player is the AAC the only way for them to make more money is add more teams from PAC 12 that allows ACC to open media rights with espn. They main teams Florida state, Clemson, North Carolina , Miami want more money. Think about this UCF will make more money than Miami and FSU close to 42 million

  24. Richard Bohon

    Go get the Four Corners then wait for the PAC 12 folds then Oregon and Washington will come knocking on Big 12 door. Since the Big 10 in not calling.

  25. Tim McCrory

    Florida State also ???

  26. Henry Moore

    The Big 12 from a TV contract standpoint, is sitting in a much better position than the PAC is. Predict that eventually the ACC will implode and after the SEC and Big 10 gets their choice of the best 6 to 8 teams, split between both conferences, there will still be quality teams left for the Big 12 to invite. Plus the Big 12 Commissioner is light years smarter than his PAC counterpart. If I was a PAC President there is no way I would sign a GOR agreement and lock myself into the PAC. Way too much of a gamble especially for Oregon and Washington. That's why ESPN is not interested in offering them any more money, they don't have too. Inviting SDSU and any other school is not going to raise the money meter. The PAC would be better off playing with 10 teams than offering Group of 5 schools. ESPN essentially has the PAC by the "balls".

  27. Big Roy

    Call me crazy, but I want all the conferences to succeed.

  28. Gaffords

    I think the SEC and the Big 10 are waiting for the ACCs contract/gor is closer to being up in 2035. Both conferences are playing the long game so there's no hurry for them.

  29. John Faris

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Pac 12 money is going to be abysmal, and that the big 12 offers vastly more revenue. It’s only a matter of time until one of them bolts.
    Also, waiting for ACC schools to be available for the Big12 is complete fantasy. Their grant of rights is what 13 years from ending? And those schools on top of the ACC are going to get poached by the B1 G in the SEC with only the dregs looking for a new home possibly in the big 12. Forget ACC teams, go after what you can get now from the pack. Don’t add any G5 schools until the dust settles in the Pac 12.

  30. G Brew

    B12 should focus on ONE PAC team. Whichever team will come and brings the most to the bottom line. By picking off one team, the PAC is destabilized and the B12 will have the pick of the litter

  31. David Floyd

    With byu the Big12 doesn’t need or want Utah.

  32. David Floyd

    Big12 should focus on Washington, Oregon and ASU.

  33. Larry Pilgrim

    Why would Oregon go to the b12?

  34. Gilbert Canales


  35. Richard Nelson

    Oregon is no prize

  36. Carlos Nuckols

    Washington is more like a B10 school than any of the PAC-12 schools

  37. Carlos Nuckols

    Okay you obviously don’t know the PAC-12 Washington is the biggest football brand after USC, STANDFORD is the biggest sports brand across the board in the PAC-12 with over 20 straight directors cups.

  38. JessiahCut

    Why Is it all of a sudden now that the BIG12 is looking to add schools everyone is calling it attacking??? No one said the Big10 was attacking? Heck the pac president didn’t even Acknowledge the Big10 stole their best brands and started to verbally attack the big 12 over it lol no one is saying the sec attacked the big 12 taking tx/ok. But ohhhhh the BIG12 is looking at some pac schools and all the sudden it’s “attacking “ hummm

  39. Bill L

    The Big 12 will not get any Pac teams. Forget it. Plan on Fresno St, SDSU, and Boise St.

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