NCAA Tournament Betting Preview Barstool Sports Picks Central || Monday, March 13th, 2023

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💰 In this week’s episode of Bet On It direct from Las Vegas: Kelly Stewart, Marco D’Angelo and Ralph Michaels break down the opening round of the March Madness college basketball tournament from a sports betting perspective, sharing their best bets and predictions for the biggest games on this weekend’s slate. The barking dogs and best bets are back! Join Kelly, Marco and Ralph every week for Bet On It as we break down the NCAA Men’s Basketball slate from a variety of betting angles.

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Introduction 00:18
Auburn vs Iowa 03:17
Oral Roberts vs Duke 08:00
Penn State vs Texas A&M 15:31
NC State vs Creighton 24:30
Providence vs Kentucky 30:00
Florida Atlantic vs Memphis 36:05
Best Bets 44:40
Recap 54:34

► The crew opens up the show by sharing their betting thoughts on this weekend’s marquee college basketball matchups: Auburn vs Iowa ; Oral Roberts vs Duke ; Penn State vs Texas A&M ; NC State vs Creighton ; Providence vs Kentucky ; and Florida Atlantic vs Memphis.

☝️ Each and every episode of Bet On It closes out with everyone’s favorite segment: Free College Basketball Best Bets!

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Video Rating: / 5


  1. Cranjis McBasketball

    Marty keeps saying SEC isn’t good but the ACC is horrible and he hypes Duke for winning it

  2. PrettyDick

    What was that god awful cut at the end of the show to picks? Either someone said tucker was right or they did 15 minutes of show that somehow weren't recorded.

  3. Levi Keller

    40:13 Dukes is the most public play out of that region Marty so no they don’t think Oral gonna knock them off Duke is public not Oral Roberts

  4. Levi Keller

    36:53 Jeeze Megan they aren’t talking about round 1 exit for Arizona

  5. Cade

    Marty trying to spin zone Duke Vs Oral Roberts is hilarious

  6. Levi Keller

    22:28 wait didn’t literally 2 mins ago Marty said Texas A&M was a good 7 seed to get for Texas and that they wouldn’t be higher bc the SEC is down?

  7. LA_Hohn

    is there a more unfunny person than Smitty

  8. What’s The Deal Here

    Gotta lose the zoom ruins the flow of the show

  9. What’s The Deal Here

    Love me some Smitty wish he was on every day

  10. Mike S

    Glad to see that Meghan is being absolutely annoying as ever today! She never shuts up and never stops giggling. I can't stand her on this show!

  11. Dubs2489

    Marty doesn’t think any body can win it besides Duke

  12. Tennischamp450

    I swear this show is cut every day

  13. Shaun V

    Rico just showed up for picks? Where's that 15 minutes

  14. Sean Stewdabaker

    Why does everyone hate on Marty. He’s a good dude and he brings value

  15. tigerhood

    Marty no one wants you to ruin yet another piece of content and in this case Jeff D Lowe is protecting The Dozen

  16. Jackson Shelly

    Get Titus and reags and Jake and Rico and Marty

  17. Jordan's Cigar

    Why was it a 45 minute show today? Did Brandon say something that had to be deleted?

  18. Money Channel

    I'm no hater, but KELLY IN VEGAS WENT:

    2-7… What a star performance as always

    Vermont +10.5 LOSS

    Iona +9.5 LOSS

    West Virginia -2 BEST BET LOSS

    USC +2 LOSS

    Colgate +13.5 LOSS

    Utah State -1.5 LOSS

    Oral Roberts +7.5 LOSS

    FAU +2 WIN

    Miami -2 WIN

    the reason she is in the business still???

  19. O'Neil Creighton

    This show is the best 🎉

  20. Sab Rossi

    Let’s go Marco!!! It’s game day H2P!!!

  21. Ryan Hurlbut

    Bruce Pearl has never lost a first round game 💪 SEC

  22. ROKCHOKJHAWKChiefchamp!

    Rock chalk Jayhawk!

  23. Money Channel

    Kelly's best bet lost, but what else is new, this is amazing entertaining show

  24. David Garay

    KIV can't go 1 show without mentioning Kansas's lil bro ksu. Rock chalk Jayhawk kel

  25. Kitty Kay

    Nice seeing you all again. Betting on Basketball is for fools! If someone is fortunste enough to have money to burn. Basketball is the sport to burn it on! Let alone placing a bet prior to game time. Good info as usual but as usual most of it isn't relevant once the game tips off. Keep on keeping on! Love you all BUT love KELLY more! Hey KELLY How bout you and me for happy hour? You pick the place! 😎

  26. Cary Jonet

    I didn't understand one word the Irishman said

  27. Drew Daniel

    Insinuating that penny isn’t a good coach Is ridiculous. Check his record ATS as a dog. Id say you need to be able to coach to constantly cover as a dog or to play Houston 3 times, once without kendric Davis on the road and lose by 8, then lose at the buzzer, and win on the conference championship. Oh and lose by 3 @ Alabama. Yes they were only 1-3 SU in those games but all were very close against the best teams in the country. Takes more than talent to play with those teams

  28. Karen Heath

    Duke gets every call…aggravating.

  29. Trajan Takes

    Iowa St by 10+ unless Federiko plays

  30. Paul Renault

    Well done, Marco, Ralph, and Kelly!

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