Jack Taylor Scores 138 Points in NCAA Game, Basketball Player Breaks NCAA Record

Jack Taylor shatters a single-game scoring record that stood for over 50 years.

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Celebrating Reggie Miller’s Birthday during #NBAClutchWeek, take a look back to when he scored 8 points in 9 seconds to win at MSG in Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals!

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  1. Matías Morales

    Wilt who?????

  2. Stephen Czzz

    Just Wow!!

  3. Damon

    my dawg better then Wilt the Tilt

  4. Sacramento Kings will Rise

    Well To Be Honest He was playing against Low-Tier D3 Schools.

  5. pickzkickz

    More of a ball hog than Jordan.

  6. Johnaplex

    The basketball was a paid actor.

  7. ThegodofH00ps

    January 2020? Nobody just me?!

  8. WillToNihilism

    Sad. This dude doesn't even play basketball any more.

  9. PaytonPlayz 34

    He made 1.278 of his shots (I know im a dork)

  10. Tikoa Kinney

    Could've ran double teams at him to get the ball out his hands

  11. Tikoa Kinney

    Him making shots was impressive but what kind of coaching is going on no adjustments made on defense no pride that s embarrassing could've played match up zone box in one ran him off of 3point line just horrible defense

  12. Maria Sibaja

    Jack Taylor scored 138 in a single game

  13. Ric D

    Dudes like 5 foot wtf

  14. Kroniik Sloth

    Yall saying he ballhogging have never played basketball if your on fire or in the mode and just scoring like crazy making every shot you give them the ball and they will score you would be selfish if your shooting poorly to not give the ball to the guy on fire .

  15. Christian Shaw

    Wouldn't have done this vs. D1 teams.

  16. Brigader •

    white boi takin over the game

  17. her lina

    When u play 2k in amateur level irl. U fucked them all with no regrets.

  18. J da high roller

    He hit 2x free throws, makes 8
    King of clutch

  19. Xennieal Sentinel

    Boom baby! X2

  20. wolfsden3

    Rodney Rogers (now a quadriplegic) hit 9 points in 9 seconds I believe in an NBA game. So that clip next 😀

  21. Special K

    remember watchin this game and seein these type a clips everywhere after the game.

  22. jgreico11

    Reggie Miller
    The Knick Killer

  23. Jeremy Hautau

    Spike 😅

  24. Allen Jarrett

    Miller Time 🏀🏀🏀 Always 🏀Boom BaBy🏀 Reggie Reggie Reggie 🏀🏀🏀 Miller Time 🏀🏀🏀💯Pacers 🏀🏀🏀

  25. Dolly Smith

    Did you get to the whole story now come on down to Nonna now do you see a grown-up who is the best I am just messing with you man who is the Bears are you if you’re available I know no problem is there a message for ap

  26. Dolly Smith

    🐐 ❤️❤️❤️

  27. tricky trav

    No such thing as 4 pointers. Those are 3s… 6 points

  28. Homer the Site Director

    That ain’t 9 seconds but yeah

  29. Michael Klein

    This how the game was played.
    It wasn’t considered amazing or anything. In today’s game people would act like it was the second and break the internet.

  30. native 406

    No ,miller had a huge uncalled fowl for his cheap shot ….

  31. Mar Cantor

    Wheres the 2 pts only 3 pts was shown I actually saw this game live on TV that's one for the boo ks in NBA history no other playe r has done this to this date 🏀

  32. CR Travel TV

    Miller 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. parlaygodshateme

    Spike ready throw hands 😭😭

  34. kikaycraft

    The ref is blind he didn’t see Reggie push

  35. Kenneth Page

    This is much better than the Ray Allen 3 point shot against the Spurs

  36. ian pangoyinan

    he pushes that guy ref is blind

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