NBA Picks Today 4-19 | Free NBA Predictions Against The Spread Kyle Kirms The Sauce

LATE GAMES NBA Picks Today 4-19 | Free NBA Predictions Against The Spread Kyle Kirms The Sauce

Kyle Kirms, Professional Handicapper, shares all his picks for Monday, April 19th

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  1. Victoryous1

    Smh man I felt the warriors bet info….. big ooof. I keep picking the losing match ups off the menu

  2. Shirween Otero Enriquez

    olats kyle!!!

  3. Light Abaddōnッ

    i went against you on the bucks vs suns!! i picked Phoenix sun, easy money!🤑🤑🤑🤑

  4. Premiumpicks101

    Disagree with the menu but hopwfully qe both get dat bread

  5. Ranesha Brown

    It was something that you told me that stuck with me that the Pistons have a deep bench since they got blown out I had a feeling to take the Pistons and under we shall see how this goes 😁

  6. arianks

    Doctors orders; fading the Spurs

  7. runtz4sale


  8. arianks

    Choosing my spots tonight:
    Suns +4.5 (buying 2 points ) -> 3 units
    Celtics -6.5 -> 1.5 units
    Pacers +4 (buying 2 points) -> 3 units

    Feeling a little spicy 1.5 units on Under 234 on Suns bucks .

  9. Momo Adventure Games

    Hell yeah the facebook group is a great idea, I've never used facebook before but I'm definitely joining now👍

  10. Kyle Perry

    You need to make a graphic with a recap of what’s on the “menu” at the end! A legit menu looking menu

  11. Delius Loves Gaming

    Bro….I really like how he post his stats weekly, daily and entire season! Then show us line movement and money movement on the games! @kyleKrims U da G.O.A.T 🐐

  12. BlackListEDzLoL

    I am with you on the 76ers, bucks & rockets tonight. Parlaying them for a nice payout as well.

  13. McStrokeAvision

    Bulls will not cover that 6 I repeat they will not cover that 6.

  14. beingDuffy

    would be amazing if you could walk us through live betting, i never really got into it but my friend told me that sometimes they give away free money when youre good at sniping the spread

  15. Gray Morris

    Bro u just need to quit placing bets maybe try tennis NBA not ur move anymore

  16. Ranesha Brown

    No to Thunder they worser than the Rockets lol the only way is if Beal and Wesbrook dont play other than that it's a blowout

  17. Karen Zaranski

    Bulls or Celtics. U take Bulls, but put Celtics in parlay. Thx Kyle.

  18. arianks

    The rockets rowboat… pretty fitting for that team 😅😅

  19. Joey Ruzicka

    You reckon you could put a graphic of the entire menu on here or twitter

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