49ers vs Eagles Free Pick | NFL Football Playoff Predictions | Kyle Kirms | The Sauce Network

49ers vs Eagles Free Pick | NFL Football Playoff Predictions | Kyle Kirms | The Sauce Network

Kyle Kirms, aka “The Sauce”, breaks down the San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles NFC Conference Championship game and shares his free pick.


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The 10th episode of our new weekly series!

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  1. Dan Patricks

    Hmmmm both Bengals and 49ers lost.

  2. CaptainMikbee

    Another bad pick

  3. CaptainMikbee

    Niners lost by a lot

  4. Al Carbone

    Wrong again

  5. Beelzebub

    Another great bet from Kyle Kirms +2.5 49ers +1.5 Bengals #Skillz

  6. Logic

    What a fuking horrible game…throw the fuking ball! It can't get any worse!!!

  7. HighMark Nutrition

    More bullshit picks from Kirms

  8. LC

    I told you Kirms….Eagles baby

  9. Bobby M

    Gl it’s a shame purdy went down but another half to go.

  10. Ryan Hurlbut

    Eagles /Bengals
    Bengals Champs

  11. DrNick Fabrizio

    1H Philly -1.5

  12. TaylorGang0422

    Lol so you’re not gonna talk about the work Smitty, AJ and Goedert are gonna give these boys? You act like we have scrubs outside. Last time AJ saw this defense he put up 145.

  13. TaylorGang0422

    Lol I wanna know where all these Eagles bettors are because every page, discord and fb post I see is them taking the Niners

  14. jo jo rabbit

    let's gooo kyle! go niners!

  15. SR-XRP

    Excellent video Kyle great visions!!!

  16. Chris B

    Another New Yorker who hates Philly…he was on the Giants last week. 49ers are biggest liability to books to win the SB, I think Philly takes them out today.

  17. francisco hernandez


  18. Breathe Deep

    49ers Over 1.5 TDs
    Eagles Over 1.5 TDs
    Draftkings SGP
    Bet it hard. All in

  19. Brady Erickson

    Eagles -2.5
    Under 46.5

  20. Joseph Turk

    Gotta roll w the public by day and the sharps by night this weekend.
    Eagles/Chiefs Super Bowl 💸🏦

  21. viking raider

    This aged well

  22. CJ C James

    I’m am going to say that in the cowboys vs Vikings game it is going to be 36 to 29. The reason I picked this is because I am a fan of both teams. But I’m with Dak and Ceedee got this. I am also still probably more of a fan of the cowboys

  23. Benjamin Steinhardt

    Commanders get dub 32-21 Dotson is back and henicke is doing and commanders get 3 fumble recoveries

  24. Matthew Broda10

    37-28 eagles Jalen Hurts with 300+ passing yards

  25. Jeff Lewis

    My prediction. Is the Vikings will win 33-30 over the Bills due to Josh Allen interception in overtime!

  26. Mickey Mouse

    They actually picked the Browns 🤡

  27. Phxases

    Chargers upset mcafrey and the 49ers 30-27 There will be a pic 6 and Jimmy g won’t through for over 315

  28. Icyknight

    Tampa beat seahawks 21-16

  29. Mickey Mouse


  30. R46 F Train Official

    Tennessee 24-21 Denver

  31. Buffalo Bill Gamer

    Bears Win, Phins Win, Titans Win, Giants Win, Chiefs Dominate Against The Jags, Eagles Dominate, Josh Allen Gets 170 Passing Yards Atleast, Josh Allen Rushes For 50+ Yards

  32. Wesley Warren

    The raiders and colt's are pretty much the same team this season. Neither have been as good as people thought.

  33. Nevin Stutzman

    This week the bills will win 30 to 25 Over the Minnesota Vikings Josh Allen will pass for four touchdowns

  34. SluggWit2Gs

    Washington for the upset

  35. EaglesPRODZ

    Eagles 38-17 eagles will dominate the commanders defense Jalen hurts will have 3+ tds (rushing + passing) and a 120+ passing rating, cj Gardner-johnson will have a pick 6

  36. Daley H. (dhNYC)

    Giants 34, Texans 0

    2 TDs by Saquon Barkley. Also, c'mon everyone, let's get those likes up!

  37. Anonymous

    I got NYG 26 to 17 over Texans. I think KG surpasses his season total catches in today’s game alone, if he plays and isn’t that much to do, but I also think he catches his first TD as a Giant!

  38. Samantha Russell

    titans beat broncos 20 to 10

  39. Mrs.T

    Steelers 24 – 10 Saints
    Tj Watt gets 2 sacks and bats down a pass for an interception by Myles Jack. Kenny Pickett throws for 2 touchdowns to diontae Johnson for 15+ yards and Pickens gets a touchdown too. Najee gets the rushing touchdown. I think the red rocket (Andy dalton) plays for the saints. Ak41 gets stopped mostly.

    No minkah Fitzpatrick tho 🙁

  40. Justin Carpenter

    Seahawks 31-20 over the buccaneers seahawks dominate the first half 24-0 then brady brings them back 24-20 then on the bucs last chance to win it tom throws a game ending interception

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