Local Cricket Problems – Funny Video

You may be watching this instead of getting ready to go out for a golden duck.

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  1. Ape X

    This is too true🤣

  2. Ashutosh Dev

    I am 6. 2 and I am leg spin bowler😂😂

  3. Swapnil Singh

    Still knocking the bat😂😂😂

  4. Dheeraj Kumar

    It's opposite in india full of passion.

  5. Vicky

    Throughly enjoyed… 😂😂😂

  6. Akhter Bilal

    it's realy true:-)

  7. ali djdk

    Like same DK sports

  8. Meditation Relaxing Nature

    I thought only Asians have such local cricket issues lmao. Halarious

  9. dave Last

    Just seen the Grubs at the First Ashes Test in Birmingham- boys drinks at Lunch???

  10. An Dy

    Make a street local cricket problems😂

  11. UTubeChannel

    Greatest game ever

  12. Srini Krish

    Wow so true…so amazing the things we do

  13. Bk Adnan

    Haha so true 👍🏽

  14. Torbin Hansen

    Why is he so angry

  15. AP 2480

    Why is this in my recommended now lol

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