How To Bet On Sports – A Complete Beginners Guide to Straight Bets and Parlays with NFL Week 2 Picks

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All my sports picks for /day ⬇️ (Stats, trends, and analysis included in write-ups)

Just wanted to share my hobby with ya’ll because so many people have been asking about it on IG and have been extremely confused. Remember, it’s still gambling at the end of the day and you should play responsibly! Hopefully this at least just makes you understand how it all works and makes your betting experience more fun if you are a beginner!

I will post a few of my picks in the comments for this week so they are time stamped.


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If you want to know how to always win sports betting, this is the only video you need to watch. It will show you can make money betting just like a professional. The same method and understanding apply if you are betting on sports in the USA, UK or Australia. It’s a very powerful betting guide so be sure to take notes!

Watch this video till the end to know how to win always win sports betting.

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Disclaimer: this video is for educational purposes only and not to be considered financial advice.

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This a guide on how to always win sports betting by Caan Berry.


  1. Zach Rosas

    Follow me on IG for my free plays and other stuff: @zachRosas95

  2. nathan galvan

    If my bankroll is $100 for the week and you say to only use 5% of my bankroll per bet that’s $5 per bet…should I make 20 different bets (if they make sense) at $5 each? What strategy would you have for this type of bankroll? Thank you.

  3. Donavin H

    Where do i place these bets?

  4. iosefo salavea

    Tie is a push


    Help 😩 I want to learn and we live in Vegas lol

  6. It’s DOPE!

    Oh yea big degenerate bets coming this weekend in Vegas for me birdman handrub 🤣

  7. Krugersan

    Hi I am new to betting I don’t know which bet website or apps are the best please recommend some and can you bet if your in Sea asia?

  8. Shaq Maurice

    Who tryna make money from fanduel ?

  9. Jesuit 7

    Is it easy to bet on boxing matches, like the one on Saturday canelo vs plant is it easy like, betting 1,000 on canelo, if he wins you win❓🤔

  10. Almighty Joker

    Hey I live in Las Vegas I’m starting a podcast let’s collaborate

  11. Just A Tool Gaming

    I've watched some videos on sports betting and yours was the best one bro! Thanks! From video/audio quality, to delivery. Great job!

  12. tony c

    Man you suck have some balls and pick somebody damn it

  13. More Blcvk

    " more than 2 teams in a parlay is not a serious bet " is wild . You can 100% make a serious bet with 2 teams or more

  14. Abayomi

    I needed this I have been on the fence when it comes to sports betting I would download an app then just chicken out not knowing wtf I was looking at. Now I know and yea fuck those bookies.

  15. Richard Ramos

    Best video keep doin 🔥 vidoes , new SuB

  16. just music

    Careful betting the rent money on entertainers

  17. Bill Axt

    That upper left spot on the camera is driving me crazy!

  18. Randhir Dutt

    Bro please use decimal to explain

  19. JD_ Crew

    Question. If yet on a 12 team parley, and let’s say you won 11 games so far and the last game is later on in the day. Can you cash out before it gets to the game. I know some betting apps let you and some don’t. Does barstool does it?

  20. Make Money Online

    Wow supergreat bro
    Anyways I also share the same content as you in my channel on how to win most of the time in betting

  21. Ioan Bota

    Realy I like this video so much

  22. SportsTrends360

    Great content

  23. Don Keedroppings

    One way to be assured of a win ( providing you’ve membership of a few online bookies, you’ve a few quid to spare and you’re quick off the mark ) is to get on a price comparison site and do in-running bets on contests that can’t finish in a draw ( tennis/darts). A match at the darts last week between 2 unknowns had, at one stage, player A @ 11/10 and player B @ 4/1. Bets of £1000 and £250 respectively would do the trick.

  24. Francois Chartier

    are you army soldier ? 🙂 i noticed the picture behind you 😛

  25. Piyerloti

    Können Sie eine Top-Payment-Site in Deutschland nennen?

  26. Joe Walker

    Trying but not working I do a lucky 15 ew

  27. Lee Ingram

    Sorry if Ive missed something and please help me with this.
    How can you know to bet on a dog that comes down in price due to lots of money going on it at the last minute but you knew to back it at a higher price?

    How does that work?

  28. Sean Nolan

    Do the lotto numbers in the betting shop. Euro millions 2 numbers 100/1, 3 numbers 1500/1.


    Good advice as usual 👌. Only thing though is online betting is too handy.

  30. Gary

    is this arbitrage strategy?

  31. George Ciolac

    Can you make a video how to find the right value of an event happening. Where to search, what to search. Football, tennis, GH , HR

  32. Prosper Meniere

    I understand the idea of looking for value but what if you find 100 great value selections and they all lose? I know I’m missing the point. Can anyone clue me in?

  33. deflorator

    Too much talk, nothing told 😀

  34. Rean Ashen

    what a absolute load of crap. so lets say i consistently bet on events with odds 20+ or higher, if the market average is 20, and i managed to get a bet in at 25. what are the odds of me actually winning at that odds? i can easily do that for 50 games in a row and lose all 50? what a lul

  35. Lunn Sitlhou

    Appreciate it Bro 👍

  36. Akintobi David

    Ooh I’m just seeing something like this for the first time and I love it… tbh it’s awesome 👍👌
    Do you have a telegram channel or can you help by posting some of your bets so we can play and win together☺️☺️ you know… share the love ❤️🙏

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