Expert Picks for EVERY NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Game [Best Bets, Parlays, & MORE] | CBS Sports HQ

Expert Picks for EVERY NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Game [Best Bets, Parlays, & MORE] | CBS Sports HQ

Expert Picks for EVERY NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Game [Best Bets, Parlays, & MORE] | CBS Sports HQ

Pete Prisco and Brady Quinn join CBS Sports HQ to share their bets for every NFL wild-card game!

0:00-7:38 Raiders vs Bengals
7:39-11:29 Patriots vs Bills
11:30-17:45 Eagles vs Buccaneers
17:46-22:08 49ers vs Cowboys
22:09-25:54 Steelers vs Chiefs
25:55-30:42 Cardinals vs Rams
30:43-33:25 Best Bets


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Picks for EVERY BIG Week 17 NFL Game | Picks to Win, Best Bets, & MORE | CBS Sports HQ

Pete Prisco & Brady Quinn share their Week 17 NFL picks!

0:00-5:04 Chiefs vs Bengals
5:05-7:44 Dolphins vs Titans
7:45-10:58 Jaguars vs Patriots
10:59-13:32 Giants vs Bears
13:33-17:03 Rams vs Ravens
17:04-19:52 Raiders vs Colts
19:53-21:48 Eagles vs Washington
21:49-23:38 Buccaneers vs Jets
23:39-27:07 Falcons vs Bills
27:08-29:46 Broncos vs Chargers
29:47-32:09 Texans vs 49ers
32:10-34:41 Cardinals vs Cowboys
34:42-37:11 Lions vs Seahawks
37:12-39:37 Prisco’s Spinning Top of The Week
39:38-43:39 Panthers vs Saints
43:40-45:58 Vikings vs Packers
45:59-49:09 Browns vs Steelers


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  1. Fortunaught

    All the Rams had to do was draft Creed Humphrey, and kick Allen over to guard.
    Instead they drafted somebody who doesn't weigh 12 stone.

  2. Matt's Off The Cuff Gaming

    People keep talking about Pittsburgh not being healthy when they played KC…good lord, the Chiefs were playing 4th stringers at the skill positions because of Covid and still blew out the Steelers. This is a horrendous matchup for Pittsburgh. Chiefs win by 24.

  3. Keovong Vilaykeo

    Raider and Packer to super bowl

  4. unspoken24

    49ers not getting much love? Literally every media figure has picked them to win 😂

  5. Patrick Colantuoni

    I keep hearing that the chiefs are the clear cut favorite in the afc, I'm not so sure. They've been inconsistent on both sides of the ball all year. Cant stop the run on defense and rely on the passing game too much on offense. That being said I wouldnt b shocked if they're in the super bowl bcuz of every team is flawed this year especially in the afc. Pittsburgh is by far the worst of the afc teams, they just cant do much offensively to win in the playoffs but they do have huge one thing going for them, this is big Ben's last playoff run. Maybe that's all the need to pull off the huge upset. I do like Pitt getting 12.5 points though

  6. Snitsletube

    Ain't no way, BUCS blow out, Chapter 1: The Champs set the bar, the GOAT, has a new Chip. Gohead Brush ya shoulders off.

  7. Sports Junkie Production

    Brady Quinn looks like Justin Bieber 🤣

  8. Donovan Deaver

    49ers are coming with a ATTITUDE and are going to CRUSH the Cowboys

  9. Sjrick

    These guys are the only ones Ive seen online that are taking the Eagles. Amazing.

  10. Tamara McGrew

    Keep picking against us were Raider Nation.

  11. Molonlave21

    Amanda Guerra 😍😘🥰

  12. Matt Duchon

    SB picks: DAL vs. KC. KC wins

  13. Michael Diamola

    Eagles will surprise everybody being the underdog. 🦅🦅🦅

  14. Matt Duchon

    I'm so confused on why so many people like the niners over the cowboys. Dallas is a completely different team and a better team in every aspect, most importantly a quarterback. Digs will shut down San Frans one threat deebo Samuel in the rest is history. Dallas wins 37-17


    @brady quinn Your right D CARR hasnt played WELL in cold weather, BUT……… YOU @brady quinn, DIDNT PLAY WELL IN ANY WEATHER IN THE NFL! just sayin!

  16. T

    Anybody who best against Brady is a loser like these two clowns. Eagles!? …give me a break!! Bucs roll.

  17. Mo Cats

    LA Coach blamed everything over the last few years on Goff. Maybe it was the
    LA Coach, and not Goff. Starting to look like #PoeticJustice

  18. Dennis Epolito II

    Another terrible take on the Bills. There is no wind in the forecast, cold means nothing. The conditions will be closer to their 2nd game then the first game. Take the over, the Bills put up 30 by themselves

  19. Larry Brown

    Dak ain't worth a fuck!!!

  20. CM Shadow

    They really calling out the bad teams with no sugar coat, they are just straight up saying “they suck”

  21. David Salter

    Today is the day the Rams bury the Ravens playoff hopes for good

  22. Professional Crass-Tee

    If you're a WFT fan still, you should be looking forward to the new season, new name, and new quarterback on the pitch. It'll give you some time to get yourself or a friend from being the "Worst Fan"

  23. tipsy09

    Sure dolphins beat bad teams. BUT THEY BEAT ALL OF THEM

  24. JQ Farms

    The Raiders aren't going to beat the Colts lol. The only teams that match up with the Colts are KC, Green Bay, and Cinci.

  25. Rob Vollat

    3:01 Dammmmn
    Joe Burrow 2nd in completion rating, 1st in yards per attempt and 2nd in passer rating – plus first in PFF rating. Dude is a dog.. all behind the 29th ranked OL.

  26. James Mines

    U are so wrong RAMS well woop there ass

  27. Aj Se

    Cardinals 31 Dallas 20

  28. No Name PhinsYT

    What revenge? Miami did that for the benefit of everyone. There's no bad blood between the Dolphins and Ryan. Nor the fans since that's suddenly a common thought.

  29. Andrew Pulda

    Packers 275 – Vikings -12

  30. zero guilt

    week after week Prisco picks against Rams. He has really hurt his record by doing this. and Jackson is not playing.

  31. Jeeperz

    The way they keep doubting the dolphins is insane to me LMAOO

  32. T G

    They literally hate eachother lmao

  33. Michael Crowhorse - Chavez

    Bengals Win here and on the Road for playoffs up set if rematch. Burro and Herbert youg competitors for years to go in AFC Qbs.

  34. Fox Molnar

    Brady making fun of Kirk Cousins for not playing well in primetime…..dude you didn't play well at any point in the NFL.

  35. Samuel Barreto

    Brady Quinn doesn't know shit qb bust

  36. Adenoid Hynkel

    KKKirk Cousins made his Dump decision, now live with it!!!

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