Divisional Round NFL Playoffs Predictions! 100% Correct!

In this NFL Playoffs video, I’ll be predicting the rest of the playoffs starting with the Divisional Round! For more Madden 23 gameplay, news, tips and tricks, money plays & more…be sure to subscribe! #Madden23

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Looking back at my predictions for the NFL Season, I am embarrassed.

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My reaction to my 2022/2023 NFL Predictions – Playoff Predictions, Super Bowl Pick, MVP and more

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  1. Rich M Media

    So close but so far away 🤣🤣🦅

  2. Leanteam

    Ppl are really sleeping that you actually have predicted the play offs so far.

  3. ALMOJR 323

    I got Big Red v The Birds

  4. Jay Pippen

    The Bengals will win 💯 but will lose against Kansas City

  5. Jay Pippen

    It will be Kansas City verse the 49ers super bowl 🤞🤙💯

  6. Zachary Presley

    I say the niners win especially with bosa mcaffrey kittle Purdy Samuel Williams warner etc

  7. CPS

    A Bills fan you really think the Bengals Can beat us easily😠

  8. Al Martine

    Chief s let's go . Vs Jacs I pick chiefs win by a touchdown on my team.
    I pick Bill's over Bengals tomorrow.
    NFC Monday Dallas over the 9ers . A Dallas win . I pick Eagles over the Gaints yep

  9. Braulio Palma

    I think the eagles have a chance at appearing in the Super Bowl

  10. kinga62591

    Bills mafia 💪🏿

  11. Plain Simple

    My Picks: NFC — Giants 31 Eagles 27; Cowboys 41 49ers 17; AFC — Bengals 31 Bills 28; Jags 30 Chiefs 34.

  12. PenguinREA008

    God bless you guys Always keep God first

  13. PenguinREA008

    Jesus is Lord Amen

  14. PenguinREA008

    Jesus Loves everybody

  15. PenguinREA008

    Keep up your fantastic videos Eric, God bless you man

  16. viceroy 93

    I hope my prediction comes true. Before the season started I said giants vs jaguars superbowl 🤓

  17. Brad

    i had the exact same pics as you last week

  18. RBT

    10k likes on vid and instead of buying new car will buy super bowl tickets for THE CONTENTTTTTTTT THE CONTENNTTTT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  19. KawaiiXD

    Do you even hate the colts?

  20. Nico Hischier burner

    Dam you picked the jags last you don’t even want me to remind me of… the titans last game of the season LETS GOOOOO JAGS DUVALLLLLLLLL

  21. Michael Mirer

    The jags fans are still rolling on the floor

  22. Brandy Grenauer

    thanks for not trashing the cheifs i dont have telegram

  23. August Greco

    U don’t want to donate to damar Hamlin charity?

  24. Damon henderson

    TB 12 retirde 4days after he said that

  25. Samantha Foell


  26. Jazzy jt

    What website did you make this on

  27. JJ Lama Leader

    I feel you RBT as a packers fan

  28. EpicLegend Playz

    can u send that tierlist link i wanna predict the 2023-2024 season but i cant make one

  29. Wyatt1047

    Come on let’s get this video to 10K LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  30. Dan King

    Don’t worry I had Seattle going 2-15 and the Super Bowl being Tamp over Buffalo!

  31. Ethan Hitts

    was i the only one that noticed that rbt put the rams second

  32. The Cartwright Nation

    It was his last year😂

  33. The Owl At Night


  34. Jeff Yeet

    the editing was amazing today RBT 👍🏼

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