1. College Football Guy

    7:43 best day of the year for me

  2. EliWCoyote

    (*Collective groan is heard from Ohio State fans*)

  3. gumpotronic

    Imagine losing to Wazzou in 2022. Pathetic.

  4. gumpotronic

    Marshall over the pederasts wasn't an upset. It was divine intervention.

  5. Tulane Productions 🌊

    If only Tulane-usc was in this

  6. Bull Gravy

    Wild how A&M nearly upset App State

  7. Rj Goode

    If you did Michigan over Ohio State how about WVU over Oklahoma

  8. Trxuly King

    Terrible video there is more big upsets than these

  9. Rick Hall

    You forgot Tulane who were #18 and beat #22 UCF and were #19 and beat #24 Cincinnati and beat #10 USC when they were ranked #16 in the Cotton Bowl.

  10. Worlds greatest dude1

    How do you go from winning to down by 34 in the same quarter?

  11. Brandon Garner

    No Oregon State-University of Oregon game either

  12. kgn546

    So UGA beating TN wasn’t a upset lol

  13. Joel Irizarry

    How the hell is Florida beating Utah an upset?Its FLORIDA!Its SEC!Unranked SEC big dogs beating ranked teams ain’t no upset😂

  14. Mr. Gray

    How was that Florida game a upset

  15. kmir224

    stanford beating ND in south bend was a big one for me

  16. JRJO88

    Middle Tennessee upset Miami reminded me of when North Texas beat Arkansas in 2018.

  17. mrslipknotfan1000

    That tennessee Alabama game was probably the best game in the past 10 years!

  18. kok1t0

    Hello all.

    It's a nice video, I appreciate the effort. I have a question for all the fans here: why is College Football this big in the USA?

    I mean no harm, I'm genuinely curious as to why is it that even College Football is that popular in the USA. Anyone care to explain?

    Thank you!

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