Cowboys Mock Draft 1.0 and 2.0

If you follow this channel you probably know I do way too many mock draft because why not!?

This will be two different cracks at a 3 round mock draft for the Cowboys based on the players I’ve studied in the 2023 NFL Draft so far.

Disclaimer: I’m only about 35-40 players in to this thing. By next week that number will be more like 60-80 and I’ll have a better handle on all the positions. But enjoy the mayhem!

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  1. Jeremy Johnston

    Line backer is so underrated! We need one bad!!!

  2. Matt Berger

    I would be onboard with Hendon Hooker. Let him heal and learn behind Dak, make a decision about Dak in the next year and

  3. Barry Irvin

    Boutte sounds like Kelvin Joseph all over again . No thanks . Hard pass .

  4. gavin christiana

    Honestly outside of QB I liked the first draft. Both positions of need and talented prospects. I would take Porter if he was there personally though even though realistically he'll be gone in the top 15 come draft day

  5. The Faceless Man82

    Jeff, I need you to find me a fast ass'd WR we can take with our 1st or 2nd rd pick. Needs to be able to play immediately and must be fast as balls.

  6. BGTex

    Love the Freak though. Get that Lemur

  7. BGTex

    I thought you were 65 or older

  8. Mark Matheson

    This is where this team wins the Superbowl every year. Mock drafts

  9. Che S Montoya

    But what position has more impact CB or IOL? I think we take the more important position, plus look later in pff CB ranking Ringo & Cam Smith are there. most others have them 1st Rd.

  10. Dallas M

    What about Jalen Tolbert? Ced Wilson took 4 years to develop and Noah Brown took 5 or 6. However, They were 6th rounders I believe.

  11. Dallas M

    Mock drafts before resigning and FA is really tough, but we appreciate it 😂

  12. P Wang

    Nobody cares about the cowgirls except for bandwagoners just like you!

  13. David Holden

    Just do these daily

  14. Jess V

    jeff i love that you do a ton of mocks. id love to do one with ya. what ya say?? Also, stop trading back!

  15. bigcartis17

    Hey Jeff have you had a chance to watch Israel Abanikanda from Pitt

  16. D4K4MVP

    We better get Mingo from Ole Miss. He's a underrated beast. Trust me.
    We already have Brandon Smith from Iowa. He's a BEAST.
    Get a pocket moving DT in FA and a CB we'll be fine

  17. Skyreem


    1st CB: Devon Witherspoon, C Gonzalez & Porter.

    If they are gone:

    Jaylin Hyatt

    If they are gone:

    Michael Mayers ( I like him, I see mismatches) and then release shultz for cap.

    Get WR in Free agency, if not in draft.

    2nd round: CB if not in first/ TE if not in first.

  18. joshua ort

    “For the people that hate Dak”. That’s pretty much the entire league lol.

  19. Robert norvell

    Is this a new angle on the camera? It's a good look.

  20. John Lindauer

    #26 RB Bijan Robinson
    #58 CB Eli Ricks
    #90 OL Cody Mauch
    TRADE W/SAINTS (#126 + RD4 2024) for WR Michael Thomas. (Saints having a fire sale).
    #163 TE3
    #170 RB2
    #176 LB4
    #212 DT1tech
    #246 QB2

    There! Mock 1.0 (Dude-style).

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