Can you store your magazines fully loaded? YES.

You can store rifle and pistol magazines fully loaded, it will not ruin your springs. Feed lips on polymer mags MIGHT be affected, but dust covers that compress the top round down should eliminate that possibility. Always check your mags every 6 months or so.

This is a look at Stanley Weston’s The Wrestler aka Apter mags from 1970 through the end of 1974 in order by month and year at it were released.
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  1. John Daugherty


  2. Sanel Šabanovič

    Thx for info.
    Shit load of mags ready for use…🤣

  3. Josh Aurand

    I don't think I have an unloaded mag 😉

  4. Joe L.

    Fully loaded , never had a issue !

  5. Johnny Gustav

    I rotated one mag out of my mags. I took one apart rotated every day..

  6. D33Lux

    I know someone who's dad passed away, they found mags that were loaded sometime in the 90's, the springs still worked well. Not recommending, just saying.

  7. Jed Wick

    All my pmags, GI mags, p90 mags,mp5 mags and all my pistol mags have been loaded for so long they cycle perfect at the range. Sometimes I switch them from steel to brass lol.

  8. Mr. Sparks

    Keep them fully loaded!!!

  9. RedPillLife 4life

    I had a big argument with Machine Gun Dad about this. He is convinced it ruins the spring even after just a couple weeks.

  10. Nathan Dean

    properly lubed and exercised mag should last for a very long time.

  11. Young G Works

    I had a couple 30 round for my 45 caliber Glock and always kept them fully loaded. Luckily I wasn’t in a situation where I needed it right there and and then but the spring broke and the bottom of the pro mag came off. Knowing what I k ow now I frequently unload my extended mags to give the spring a break. No problems ever since.

  12. Cj york

    My daily carry mags haven’t been shot in over a year… took it out last week. no problem cycling the round

  13. Moonshadow

    And stripper clips are good for long long term storage

  14. Juan Vasquez

    That's what I said, but California said only ten rounds or prison. 😭

  15. Juan Vasquez

    Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. It's all good.

  16. Juan Vasquez

    Lube and cover them lips.

  17. Juan Vasquez

    Yes as long as you apply Vaseline and wrap in condoms. I use vasethick.

  18. Juan Vasquez

    Yes fully loaded.Remember to blow smoke on them every hour so they stay fully loaded.

  19. Allen Perkins

    So the average p mag is ranging from 8-15 bucks… being that cheap I'd say buy plentiful amounts. Then keep enough loaded you can defend yourself from an entire mob of deer rocking Kevlar.

  20. Brad Argenbright

    I have very few weapons that aren't fully loaded, ALWAYS

  21. Erik K.

    My all time favorite wrestling magazine. Thanks to your videos I am starting to collect wrestling mags again.

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