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  1. Thorshani Saravanan

    2.50 that one is so cute and funny

  2. cr7

    They are Iraqis watching the match from my country

  3. Remon Kloezen


  4. Najir101

    Mbappe epic reply 🔥
    Even goalkeeper unable to safe his shot 😂😂

  5. Football_ goats

    The ref was just picking up the quarter form the flip not getting the ball 6:43

  6. Cartyplayz

    When Alayna playing gta so much💀

  7. Николай Зарипов


  8. SM.Sharif Hossain

    hahhaha…very funy vidoes.

  9. Piya Kundu

    My favorite World Cup moment was when the goalkeeper built a brick wall on the goal. Truly a great video

  10. Mirai Lorenzo

    Best downgrade of the year award goes to this channel. Bye and thanks

  11. oka sama

    7:16 the fact that neymar kicked messi😂

  12. Jesús

    🇺🇾💢4 SV0💔🇲🇽

  13. Bogdan Caraman



    2:20 suuuuiii 😂😂🤣🤣😄

  15. عباس كريم حميد

    اكو واحد فجرها 😂😂

  16. mije combat

    ok mr zlatan tate

  17. PenguinREA008

    Jesus is Lord Amen

  18. Tanner Tozar

    As being a packers fan it’s about time but we need to get our crap together

  19. John Willard

    Lions roar against feeble pack

  20. Julian Overton

    Thank you Packers. I just won over 2k betting against you guys. Sincerely, a proud Vikings fan.

  21. P DR

    Congrats!!!! Still took that L

  22. naamidei

    That should be GB’s 3rd WR, not first

  23. Mark Kelley

    Can I tryout for the packers gm job? Maybe a coaching role?

  24. MunchenOnYou

    Why no penalty for removing the helmet ?

  25. TurningANewLeaf

    Where's the flag for removing his helmet?

  26. mrjjettas_prod

    i was scared when he took off his helmet 😂

  27. Itheman123456789

    Refs working overtime for Karen Rodgers

  28. bruce lau

    I mean Rodgers is still throwing 3 INTs and the lions can possibly still lose this game

  29. PackOnly Podcast

    Took long enough 😔

  30. Gracie Hamilton

    The packers finally stepped up in their game! This is probably on of the most amazing passes

  31. Robert Martin

    Watch the ball, not the player!

  32. Teri Giese

    We need MORE of these types of plays!!!Way too many incomplete passes and just wasted plays!LETS GOOO!You are a better team than what we are seeing today!GET TOUGHER PACK!

  33. Tajiri

    I guess the “can’t take your helmet off” rule only counts against the Panthers?

  34. Anthony None Ya business420

    This season has just been a big Oof . Lions gonna take the Dub they deserve it

  35. Matthew Walker

    Packers offense is playing like the Steelers offense

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