1. Survivrs

    70,000+ people waving to those families on the 12th floor, aka "The Press Box", and that floor is literally higher than the actual press box at Kinnick. Kids who are healthy enough get to be up there on game days (home games) with their parents where they get to play games like corn hole, they get popcorn among other things, and the main thing is that they get to forget for a couple of hours how sick they are. Staff in the hospital have told what it does to these kids to see them smiling and cheering and when the end of the first quarter is coming, they get to wave back to everyone below them. It's not just the Iowa fans, everyone from the opponent's team, their fans, the referees, and anyone else who might be there take that time to wave also. It is brief, but what it does for the families is amazing. We are grateful that visitors on those Saturdays choose to join in. It's a brief moment, but it's greatly appreciated. I know our fans and team would do the same for any other team as well. Head coach Kirk Ferentz and his wife Mary gave a million dollar gift to the hospital and it was named for their granddaughter Savi who was born at 21 weeks and lived 2 days, labor couldn't be halted, so they were grateful for the doctors and staff in the hospital. Kirk broke down during the interview that followed some time later. In 2019, during "Game Day" by ESPN, the crew was at Iowa State for the rival game, and an ISU student by the name Carson King had a sign up that said "Busch Light supply getting low", put his Venmo account on the sign, and what started out as a joke to actually get beer spun out of control. When the people at Busch Light heard about it, they offered to match the donations to a certain point, and Venmo also matched the donations, raising $3,000,000 for the hospital.

  2. Howard Stern

    This is ridiculous

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