1. rotmuckinfush

    8-10 more years? sorry I think Bama on their last legs. I expect big things from lsu

  2. redwine65

    the sec is based more on college football revenue…where other conferences are more based on academic grants and such. but I do think nil will help bring parity..where the sec, usc and ohio state just payed players under the table for 2 decades.. now everyone can pay players above the table.

  3. Daniel Macris

    They don't storm the field on UGA because they haven't lost in 2 years.

  4. Elizabeth Seals

    Roll Tide Roll! I love Kirby Smart though.

  5. Tom Johnson

    I hate to say it because I hate Tennessee, but after they dominated Clemson with their Heisman worthy QB on the bench, they might start knocking at the door of a Naty pretty soon.

  6. America First Patriot

    Wait until these kids start dropping dead.

  7. Vincent Hawkins


  8. Vincent Hawkins


  9. UHLSU1982

    Don't underestimate LSU in the next few years. Brian Kelly is just getting started. Please remember, this has taken Kirby Smart a long time to get here and build this foundation. Georgia will become the new standard.

  10. Antony Rogers

    This is false news. NIL and Transfer portal will keep enough teams competitive to wear even though Georgia and Bama will probably still rack up championships, there will still be your Ohio States, LSUs, FSUs, and Oklahomas, who will get their chips as well. There's just a lot of programs going through big changes. Venerables will bring OU back especially when they join the SEC, Kelly is already getting LSU right, FSU is gaining a lot of momentum, they'll have one of the best classes of 2024 and will continue to do well in the portal , Ohio State needs no explanation, Maybe Texas does better in the SEC which could disrupt some playoff hopes when you pair it with the rest of the competition in the conference. Bama had a great run but I don't think there will be another run that dominant for awhile. All that being said, there's still a good chance UGA 3peats but I think Saban is gonna have something to say about that.

  11. Luke Davis

    I agree with you on everything you said but one thing. I don't think Saban has no more years left in him for a title, I think he needs to retire now and we remember him as the best coach of all time and let it be that. I think if he moves forward it's only gonna get worse for him , last year the team didn't look good, well not as good as they have in the past. This year was even worse and I imagine next year isnt gonna turn out very well either. I see it , some Bama fans see it and others see it!!! I hope I'm wrong, I'm a GA fan and would like to see GA have some competition sometimes. Peace out, ✌️

  12. Nate IsWatching

    8:44 😂 so irrelevant to the title.

  13. Nate IsWatching

    6:55 still no word on the “rude awakening” 🥱

  14. Nate IsWatching

    3:55 still no word on the “rude awakening” 🥱

  15. Chris Shelton

    Hey Matt. Did you eat crow with Stetson Bennett? Well “eat crow” may be too harsh but at least recognize the Mailman delivered. I haven’t been able to get on your channel like I’ve wanted too. When we’re you sold?

  16. Harry Scott

    You're absolutely right. The SEC has and will continue to dominate the college football world. And by that, I mean Georgia and Alabama. But, the SEC as a whole has changed a lot as well. I think Georgia and Alabama, while being heavy favorites, could lose one to an unexpected SEC foe. Like, Tennessee beating Alabama. And, even though they didn't win, Kentucky holding Georgia to their worse game of the year. The rest of the SEC, especially the East, has talent. Enough talent to maybe shock one of those team every year. Now, I'd still put my money on the big two, but I'm also saying it's possible. As a Kentucky fan, I'm not looking forward to playing both Georgia and Alabama next year though 😂

  17. Stephen Martin

    If you think TCU shouldn't have been in the playoffs, then Michigan shouldn't have been there either.

  18. Deep Purple

    Here's something else you may want to think about. There's a flaw in the championship layout that allowed TCU to enter into the championship when they really didn't deserve to go. This same flaw has offered other teams the same remarkable stage to get into the playoffs without being qualified to go. A simple cure which I know that the committee is looking at is to make it so that if you lose your championship game for instance if Alabama and Georgia are in the championship game the loser does not advance to the national title. That would have kept TCU out of the championship and allowed the next team whether that would have been Alabama or Tennessee to play in their place and that would have been a better game obviously. Just like in the NFL if you lose your playoff game your divisional title game you do not advance. That change is coming to college football

  19. Maurice Miller

    I don’t care about conference but what I would love to see is a fair conference committee that will rank teams honestly by their wins and not on predictions because a player gets hurt. And what I mean is the Tennessee Alabama thing Tenn beat Alabama but because Hooker got hurt Alabama was ranked higher in conference and that just isn’t right.

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