2022 MLB Playoffs: World Series champion PREDICTS EVERY SERIES | CBS Sports HQ

Will Middlebrooks joins CBS Sports HQ to preview the 2022 MLB Playoffs


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  1. Rick Villela


  2. M

    We won the 2022 World Series Baby. Time to celebrate in the 7th inning 😮‍💨🎉🎉

  3. An Unknown Burrito

    4:30 well that aged like milk 😂😂 WE RIDE WITH PHILLY ROB

  4. manny phantom

    Fucking Philles smoked Cardinals Braves and the Padres to get to the World Series!!! Keep doubting they will take it all!!!

  5. Ames227

    Every prediction I watched from 2 wks ago have been 100% incorrect. Let's go PHILLIES!

  6. Globalwarmer

    Man… this guy got all of his NL picks wrong. He was right about the Dodgers getting knocked out. Good call there.

  7. Karen Flanagan

    Of I'm rooting for my hometown team Astros. I don't ever ! Beat against the 28 times champion New York Yankees no no.Bad idea.

  8. M M

    Wow Mets not Metting yet wow who is this girl

  9. Louis Almarez

    It,s amazing all those people watching the world series when the players are playing with a loaded ball Remember the loaded dice certainly not allowed in Las Vegas illegal, but baseball is allowed to play with a loaded baseball for the sake of more home runs ( go figure ).

  10. Bobby Juice

    The Gaurdians is a stupid name, who ever renamed team should be fired. Worst name ever.

  11. Louie

    wrong!!! Totally missed the NL. Its phillies and padres. LOL!!!!!!

  12. David F

    Baseball should done before November. If no champion by the end of October, call it a draw.
    No sports season should last more than 6 months, or else having a yearly "championship" is meaningless.

  13. Scott Bowen

    Hard to win it all when you only win one game

  14. Giovanni Ortiz

    Yankees as underdogs… its a good feeling.. #getback

  15. Anth Paul

    Media: Houston vs. L.A.

    What will actually happen: Cleveland vs. Philadelphia

  16. Harmony Davis

    Hahaha over estimating the Mets and under estimating the Dodgers… Suck it to everyone who said the Mets win the wildcard

  17. Moe James

    If the Braves can repeat (and it's looking more and more likely that they can) it will be very impressive after losing their 2 best players from last year in Freeman and Soler. The Braves may be the next dynasty like the 90s Yankees.

  18. worldstallestdrummer

    Lmao at mets over dodgers just wow. Just what are you seeing that isnt even there at all???

  19. Jude Sullivan

    Braves country. Look out everyone else

  20. Al-albert Moore


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