Blowout Forums uncovers a Trimmer – Shows Ebay ID's

Blowout Forums uncovers a Trimmer – Shows Ebay ID’s

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Connection and Swing Thread on

35off [12m] at 34mph[55kph]

Ski: 2020 Denali c-75
Fin: 2.475, 6.720, 1.080, 7deg
Boot: 28.5″ with 11.5″ spread.
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  1. M Frusciante

    With what I've read about the technology genamint has, I'm pretty certain(but still guessing) that once a card is scanned and logged that any alteration will be easily detectable once scanned again. But, it would likely have to go back to PSA to be noticed, unless the grading companies all start sharing card scan logs and using similar tech, which would be good I think. But yea, I believe genamint is scanning cards on a microscopic/nano scale, so it will be almost impossible to alter a card undetected. Still doesn't address cards that haven't been scanned though, not sure about that, how they'd be able to tell.

  2. Henry S

    I have some Topps Cards that we cut too big. That makes trimming tough to detect when there was extra card. So easy to buy avg cards of nothing players because set collectors want for upgrade for the registry.

  3. lightseek88

    well it kind of seems like hes making the cards better like hes fixing them, i dont see anything wrong with what hes doing hes really just improving them and fixing minor flaws, not too big of a deal.

  4. Jimmy Cutlets

    Just goes to show you you can trust even some graded cards! Awesome vids like usual brotha 👌

  5. CASON2006

    Unbelievable what people will do! Thanks for sharing this information. Take care and be safe!

  6. DJ Storm

    Pretty amazing that a novice grader can catch something that the so called professionals can’t. Thanks for another great video

  7. More Buff More Muff

    If anyone bought anything through PWCC, you better do your homework.

    Also, if you bought from PWCC through ebay, just initiate a return and they have to accept it. Then, if you want to screw pwcc the way they have knowingly screwed thousands of people, just send back base cards or cat poop. PWCC is absolute trash.

  8. More Buff More Muff

    Now make a 2 hour video on all the cards that Gary Moser has trimmed up. Has made millions.

  9. Shaun Sweeney

    This is mail fraud, at the least of the Crimes that have been committed. I have been making videos telling people to contact thier State Attorneys, Congress person's and Senators. I have been making videos about these Grifters since 2016 my friend.

  10. Shaun Sweeney

    Heroes of Sports, Bill Mastro, and many more scumbags to found daily. As I said before PSA, Ebay, and PWCC is all in on this Grift.

  11. Got Aerial

    So psa is colluding with trimmers to scam its customers!!!! CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT NOW!!!!

  12. OldMansBase-Mint

    What expensive piece of equipment would you need to pull off this type of scheme anyway? A laser trimmer?

  13. S B

    The whole purpose of PSA to be in existence is to catch this shit. This is on PSA more than anyone

  14. Jack Danielewicz

    Check out the mahomes 1/1 downtown.. should not have 10’d

  15. Can of Mackerel

    Thanks for sharing. What a disgrace to the hobby. Good job to all those that did the detective work.

  16. A Surfer

    Thanks for taking the time!

  17. GladiatorBGO

    PSA is a joke.

  18. Dale Crary

    This is killing the hobby. The bad thing is you catch one but 20 are getting away with it. Its getting harder and harder to trust sellers. Thanjs fir the info

  19. 916 Collectables

    Good video as usual. Good to know about that again. I buy most of my vintage raw Unless it is an actual card of value then I get it from someone that I know sent the card themselves and I know the person. Usually my lcs guy

  20. Liam Fracht-Monroe

    Hey there – read all your stuff on GUT and am trying to better myself in the course. I'm having trouble understanding how to level the ski past CL but pull with the upper body against the boat. Looking over my video from today (22' off at 32 and 34), I need to stand up straighter through the wake. Maybe I'm transitioning my ski too soon (around CL) vs after the 2nd wake? Either way, I don't feel like I'm getting the 'flat ski, pull/lean with the body". Tips?

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