Babyface Sings America the Beautiful at Super Bowl LVII

Babyface Sings America the Beautiful at Super Bowl LVII
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The Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2023 | NFL Honors
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  1. Niamakaylah Caldwell

    My dad was like "he put the whip appeal on it" I was weak 😂. He sounds exactly the same, amazing 👏 🔥

  2. gemini woman0

    I guess people totally forgot why kapernick was taking the knee the amerikkka is still filled with much hypocrites

  3. Lady Libra

    Loved this Babyface! ❤❤

  4. randy Hocken

    Where were the backup singers we heard and the rest of the band? 😂😂😂😂

  5. jesshenderson1

    Stopped me in my tracks getting setup for the game; well done Babyface.

  6. Ben

    Love Babyface to pieces but the white dude spoke to me

  7. bearded tiger

    This is cool and all but why so many acts

  8. Omar K. K. Strong

    Don't really have much to say about Face; he definitely has not lost his touch. Love it!

  9. PAS

    Wow, Babyface the legend is back!

  10. Know Global

    Elvis did it better

  11. Dragonius X Zýziānīxézídian

    Even God as you all call him by his title and not his name wasn't impressed as nothing this world puts out mattersss…mic drops mofo's

  12. josé Santos

    Just so beautiful❤

  13. Brett Roundtree

    so so performance

  14. ballershanelle

    Remember, the take six group?…I believe, After 7 and Milestone had pretty nice hits. They could bring it.

    Ready or Not is a babger, still.

  15. Julio Arts

    He's indeed babyface. Dude never grows 😂

  16. David McDonald

    If songs like this don't make you want to be a better American 🇺🇸🗽⚖️✝️🙏❤️👍
    Then you might not have a good heart ❤️

  17. John Flan Donovan

    Multi Colored Strings? Dolly? & Did they EACH Have A Song… NO Mariachi? This wiz Dev the CHIEFS Song! Lolol.

  18. TK Morrison

    Beautiful, even camera to athlete spitting. Nice.

  19. C W

    It was to soft, almost tentative. I Usually really enjoy his voice but this missed the mark for me.

  20. mad2msu

    He’s so smooth with it! I love me some babyface!

  21. Jay Wires

    Randall Cunningham needs to be in the Hall Of Fame.

  22. Henry Chubbs

    Canton never had an NFL franchise? What about the CANTON BULLDOGS?

  23. Brandon Martin


  24. Will Johnson

    Dj ware desivers that

  25. DaVon Harris

    Congrats to Darelle Revis, but man put on a suit. This is the Hall of Fame after all.

  26. jason wise

    Congrats chuck the only guy to with a Super Bowl mvp while playing on defense for the loosing team

  27. Wendy New

    NFL hall of fame memory song sung by football players

  28. tian Ly

    Sad that they couldn't induct these guys while they were alive or able to come in person…failure on NFL part.

  29. Nicole Green

    Ronde Barber got in and Devin Hester, a special teams player and a man who literally had game plans made to stop him did not get in. What in the holy hell?!

  30. Sam Hartman

    Can't believe Ronde Barber is just now getting in

  31. Rugbytimothy 131

    Congrats to this year's HOF class. But the snub of Hester makes me think most of the voters are morons, he was the best ever in history at his position.

  32. TheCarter_Show

    RONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUCCANEERS!! GO BUCS!

  33. I.P. Freely

    They letting anybody in.

  34. Curry Shot You

    No Chad Johnson No AB etc etc

  35. Rene Vasquez

    BS TORRY HOLT should of been in already there's no greatest show on turf with out him . TORRY HOLT HOF. This is a big disrespect to TORRY and The RAMS.

  36. bh

    Congratulations to all these guys they deserve it especially Don Coryell…….but damn when is Mike Curtis going into the Hall??

  37. Matthew Mutchler

    Way to go Joe! 💪🦴🏈😎🎣

  38. Will Mick

    I think nfl need to find away to get great players in before they hit 60

  39. OmniXenO

    “The face of Dallas Cowboys” background Denver broncos 😂

  40. Darren87aero

    About Time, I cant believe how long they Slept on Zach Thomas! He is a Beast on the Field!

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