AFC & NFC Championship Picks, Best Bets, Props & Preview w/ Cam Stewart | Against The Spread

AFC & NFC Championship Picks, Best Bets, Props & Preview w/ Cam Stewart | Against The Spread

AFC & NFC Championship Picks, Best Bets, Props & Preview w/ Cam Stewart | Against The Spread

Drew Livingstone, Cam Stewart and Tommy Tiebreaker share their picks and best bets for the 2022 NFL Championship Round. Who do you think is going to win or cover and why?!


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  1. Alan Gradei

    Hi, I'm hoping you guys are doing a Super Bowl addition?

  2. Bhupesh Dihenia

    Great show. Thank you 😊

  3. Gage.deloyfairbanks Fairbanks

    9ers ml
    Cincy ml

  4. Gary

    Cam on fire with Niners. Great picks keep it up

  5. Slim 74

    I like Jusz props, Higbee anytime td , Cam Akers over recieving yards, Mitchell over 1.5 receptions, Mixon over and ceh under rush yards, Jimmy G and Stafford over .5 ints, And some big lever pulls of Jennings anytime td, along with any team offensive linemen scoring a td. Lets go!! Bengals plus the points, and Rams with the points. Sf wearing down. I parleyed the Burrow props. I like thar call. First td and 8.5 rush yards

  6. Peggy Moore

    Brady retires and Rogers goes to Tampa Bay

  7. Angelo Philippopoulos

    La Rams win timing is right for a losing streak to end.Plus wentworth bangggeddd up left side will be Blitzed to max.

  8. Rachel Bock

    thank you for giving my Chiefs some props in this one! so many people are going for the Bengals….

  9. 💗Nakisha Flores💗

    🤣🤣🤣 love the show!! Great picks

  10. Matt Mucci

    I'm sure Burrow will be trembling in his cleats over 2 DE's that combined for 6.5 sacks on the season 🤣 If they can keep Chris Jones in check it will be tight

  11. Brian koski

    Rams win 🐏

  12. Double D

    Some people did dump a bunch of money in Buffalo. Kansas City fans just donated and racked up 255 thousand for Josh Allen's charity. But some how Kansas City is a bad place. Ouch.

  13. Coco7795

    stop voting democrat…and the Bills will win …lol

  14. Mike's NFL & Horse Racing

    Before you guys go ga-ga on the 49ers, remember this. 1) This isn't the regular season. 2) Admitting it or not, SF's Deebo Samuel isn't close to 100%. 3) These teams love to shut down the run. 4) In their post-season careers, Garoppolo's TD/INT ratio is 2/5 while Stafford's is 8/3!

  15. Seth Mann

    Deebo being hurt is a "trick." Uh huh.

  16. Big Mike

    Really enjoy you guys but you're failing to realize that the NFL is desperate to build a fan base in Los Angeles and has been skewing the officiating towards the rams for some time now. Ask the saints fans about it and that pass interference that wasn't called

  17. Igor Gopshtein

    Chiefs-35 Bengals- 20 The Chiefs are on a mission and the Bengals will not be able to keep up. The Rams will beat the 49ers 27-24. Stafford, Kupp and Beckham will get it done at home, and the 49ers will not win on the road yet again.

  18. Michael Dodd

    Where are you guys looking for your prop bets? Where does someone in Toronto bet these?

  19. Aknight

    2 field goals bengals

  20. James Walker

    If you guys bet on the 49ers to win this game you guys are crazy or to cover the spread.

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