2021 #NFLDraft Rounds 2 & 3: LIVE reaction and analysis | NFL on ESPN

With the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft in the books, rounds two and three are set to unfold tonight in Cleveland, Ohio. Hosted by SportsNation’s Ashley Brewer, Treavor Scales, and alongside Jason Fitz, Mike Golic Jr., Field Yates and Matthew Berry, our crew has you covered throughout the entire second and third rounds with instant analysis, reactions and breakdowns of each team’s selections.
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  1. Small Ben7

    Can't believe these poverty franchises let Creed fall to the Chiefs

  2. Faulkner Sealock

    Back here before the season starts at 44 for Dallas I really wanted samuel but boss man has showed out in camp so far I guess we wont know for a few years who the pick should have been I guess

  3. Mr Person01

    Giants got a good pick and that's all I cared about.

  4. afterthefox

    these guys are horrible…golik is like a brat…

  5. thegrandtorino1

    I hate hearing people from ESPN breakdown the Bengals needs like they've spent more than 5 minutes following them. Absolute trash media.

  6. Kathy Anderson

    Julissa guillemot

  7. Don daddy dollaz Jr.

    What happened to jags last pick on your show so lame y’all haters

  8. Josh Penney

    Gets to Seattle completely skips them 😢

  9. jonny jenz

    these guys here really don't know that much about each player drafted.

  10. DaBoi Austino Dorito

    This is a list of when the picks are not who I will not spoil anything
    Round 2:
    17:40 Jaguars
    23:25 Jets
    28:40 Broncos
    32:10 Dolphins
    37:53 Eagles
    41:12 Patriots
    43:46 Bears
    46:45 Falcons
    53:17 Lions
    55:33 Dolphins #2
    1:00:42 Raiders
    1:03:18 Cowboys
    1:06:31 Jaguars #2
    1:09:01 Bengals
    1:15:33 Chargers
    1:20:00 49ers
    1:23:14 Cardinals
    1:30:07 Giants
    1:32:30 Football Team
    1:37:21 Browns
    1:42:15 Titans
    1:48:08 Colts
    1:50:21 Steelers
    1:56:44 Seahawks
    2:02:29 Rams
    2:06:32 Chiefs
    2:12:46 Panthers
    2:16:03 Saints
    2:21:38 Bills
    2:23:37 Packers
    2:26:52 Chiefs #2
    2:33:52 Buccaneers

    Round 3:
    2:37:10 Jaguars
    (Skips over Vikings Pick in Round 3)
    2:45:55 Texans
    2:49:07 Falcons
    2:51:10 Bengals
    2:53:04 Panthers
    2:57:10 Giants
    2:58:34 Lions
    3:00:24 Eagles
    3:02:07 Football Team
    3:07:02 Cowboys
    3:09:28 Saints
    3:11:34 Chargers
    3:14:09 Vikings
    3:22:56 Raiders
    3:24:04 Raiders #2
    3:26:46 Dolphins
    3:32:20 Football Team
    3:34:23 Panthers #2
    3:37:14 Cowboys #2
    3:39:00 Packers
    3:44:18 Vikings
    3:47:17 Steelers
    3:49:42 49ers
    3:54:54 Texans #2
    3:56:59 Vikings #2
    3:59:02 Browns
    4:01:23 Titans
    4:06:17 Bills
    4:09:24 Ravens
    4:11:38 Buccaneers
    4:16:58 Patriots
    4:19:37 Chargers #2
    4:22:15 Broncos
    4:25:14 Cowboys #3
    4:29:51 Titans #2
    4:31:39 Lions #2
    4:33:41 49ers #2
    4:38:41 Rams
    4:40:40 Ravens #2
    4:42:18 Broncos #2

  11. Strictly Marketing Video Exchange

    Draft Reviews?

  12. Michael Redd

    The Philadelphia eagles are the winners of this draft I also feel like the Washington football team are the offseason winners getting Curtis Samuel and Ryan Fitzpatrick

  13. Zac Woods

    Rodgers should come out in an interview and say to the GM “Hey Gutekunst, I want out and I want out NOW. This will be easy and painless and if you dont, ill retire. Dont you be the problem.” That would be the best revenge dish the NFL has seen in 30 years.

  14. Pack 1

    Packers nailed it with Amari Rodgers.

  15. Papepipopu BROWNS

    Lot of fails the video enter the 3rd hour ..

  16. Dan Lyday

    Idk why, these draft conversations are hilarious and unfiltered it's awesome

  17. Kenneth Noble K-No

    ESPN…if you gon use somebodys music atleast put the artists name and song name in the video.

  18. Marcus From Beantown

    Steelers are stinking up the joint too. Harris was a good pick for them, but after that it's been two major reaches when there was better talent on the board.

  19. Marcus From Beantown

    The Miami Dolphins are blowing this draft, just awful to watch them squander their opportunity to win the AFC East!!! One dimensional and oft injured Jaylen Waddle over Heisman Trophy Winner DaVonta Smith? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Medically retired Jaelen Smith over Kwitty Paye or Greqory Rousseau? 🤣🤣🤣 Jevon Holland before like half the guys in the second round, including Trevon Moering? 🤯🤯🤯

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