10 Greatest Against All Odds Stories in the NBA Today (Part 2)

Part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl7nH_3J3Sk

Who’s got the best story?

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On Lindy’s Leans, Likes & Locks for Wednesday (2/1/23), Eric Lindquist goes over his best NBA bets, and gives his favorite NBA betting picks and NBA predictions for February 1st. Follow along as Eric gives his picks and predictions for EVERY NBA GAME on the slate.

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0:00 Best NBA Picks, Predictions & Bets Today (2/1/2023)
2:03 Washington Wizards at Detroit Pistons Prediction & NBA Picks Today
4:28 Orlando Magic at Philadelphia 76ers Prediction & NBA Picks Today
6:49 Portland Trail Blazers at Memphis Grizzlies Prediction & NBA Picks Today
10:02 Brooklyn Nets at Boston Celtics Prediction & NBA Picks Today
12:45 Oklahoma City Thunder at Houston Rockets Prediction & NBA Picks Today
15:33 Golden State Warriors at Minnesota Timberwolves Prediction & NBA Picks Today
18:48 Sacramento Kings at San Antonio Spurs Prediction & NBA Picks Today
20:51Toronto Raptors at Utah Jazz Prediction & NBA Picks Today
22:38 Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns Prediction & NBA Picks Today

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  1. Yaboi97

    RIP Caleb Swanigan

  2. Juan Manuel Bonzano

    RIP Caleb Swanigan

  3. InnerWeb101

    Massillon’s My Hometown high school they were dominating. We Had a good year.

    T-I-G. E-R-S

  4. ちゅごくご邝荣海

    Rip Caleb

  5. PV9 Magic

    Came here to say RIP Caleb Swanigan 1997-2022 🪦

  6. SunkyD77

    Dude rlly emphasized how bad wades childhood REALLY was

  7. Memes4u

    7:39 couldn’t his family just buy less food then? Or did he have slow metabolism or something like that

  8. Lucky Goje

    Embiid scares me, what could have been

  9. JellyJam Squad

    Anyone here after swamigamn got fat again

  10. Jaymeson Bell

    you should do best NBA player in every countries history

  11. Mr RyGuy

    Caleb Swanigan went to my high-school

  12. Nicho.

    The people who robbed damian lilllard:Oh sh-

  13. Puff_Pastry

    reggie lewis should be on the list but great video

  14. Slogle-san

    Wait,you didn't include Muggsy Bogues?Did I miss him or did you just not include him in a series that he should be in

  15. Xtendo64

    Chris boucher also has a great story

  16. PlazmaHighlights

    My mum had me when she was 16 but were all good 👍🏻

  17. OddsShopper Sports Betting
  18. Mr. Nice Guy

    GS killed my betting night. Okc was just kicking a dead horse.

  19. Teresa Herrera

    I hope u dont lock the warriors ever again .. i cant believe this

  20. Mr.Crispy

    Remember when Lindy locked GS -2.5 and was absolutely shocked that his own team opened as a 2.5 dog at home…. then MN took them to OT and won? That was cool. Jk Lindy… jk 😜

  21. David Costa

    Bad picks yesterday DUMB! Lakers was the best bet.

  22. Mr.Crispy

    Lol I can already tell this is gonna be another bad day for lindy..

  23. ajrmusic

    Can someone help a newb out. What is a unit? $10??

  24. Flow

    Monday-Friday im tuned in even if im not placing any bets. Lindy invited to the cookout whenever he come to NY

  25. Sean Miller

    Let's get this guacamole this evening!

  26. tyree caldwell

    How do you leave the discord group ?

  27. Tommy Z$

    I love the josh giddey and warriors lock idk about the Jayson Tatum one, that’s a tough one. He can go off at any moment and drop 30-40 piece nugget

  28. Red Flint

    Lavine was a horrible pick blew my parlay

  29. steve Duarte

    Stop saying you're here to make us money. The fact that you don't define what a lean lock or like actually is in monetary value hides your loses. You want people to join draftkings and the discord. If you really wanted people to make money, you would show your bets with actual money and we can see the ROI

  30. Alexander Brown

    I won because of you all love brotha


    Bro the 50 cent bar took me out 😂😂

  32. Rondo

    Lindy Beal hasn’t scored over 22 since coming back. Not sure if I want to take that. And brown hits over 36.5 pra quite a bit too.

  33. RNL Dame

    Lock in josh giddey for the triple double I feel it

  34. Luckyguess

    Ey well I used your commentary to make my bets yesterday and it was one of my biggest wins so thank you!

  35. steve Duarte


  36. ShawnJaye

    Nervous straight up bettin on Atl to win sinse they lost their last 2 and might not have trae. Hopefully murray pulls through. Looks like trae is gonna play tho

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