Youth Sports Referees Share Crazy "Soccer Moms" Stories (AskReddit)

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  1. Mario87456

    3:52 That father did the right thing to floor the individual since that individual was a Lesbian.

  2. Chris Keel

    anyone thats every been to a youth sporting event knows damn well the referees have more impact on the outcome than anything the kids do. weve all see the bias in officiating

  3. farming potato

    The amount of hockey games

  4. Satchel Out

    This was at a large youth soccer tournament some time ago. There were numerous teams that competed year-long, but the top 12 teams were divided fairly into 4 groups of 3. The top 2 from each group would advance (so 8 teams in total) and they would battle it out in bracket style to win the tournament and qualify for further state-wide tournaments. One coach, from one of the moderately strong teams, managed to set up puppet referees to manage games unfairly against the better teams so his team would have a better chance. These puppet referees refed my team's game (we were arguably the best) and a few other good teams such as one my friend was on (who said they had the same scandalous refs). For one of our games, somehow that coach himself managed to ref our game with some of his biased friends (idk how) and gave all this horrible calls for fouls and offsides which we scored off but were never in fact offside (I have video evidence). Long story short, that coach was somewhat successful in producing the results he wanted, with better teams losing games they should have fairly won. Our last game was against this coach's team which was refed by fair referees. We were down 1-3 on the half, but I got in a hat-trick on the second half to win 4-3. Then the parents of that team started raging and yelling at me and the referees desperately trying to do something to save their kids' team from elimination. But we went on to win the final 7-1 or something like that. Sadly in state-wide competitions, I hit the post 3 times and missed 2 penalties in one game 🙁 so I feel bad we lost but still the satisfaction of that 2nd half hat-trick and the raging parents and coach who saw their "hard work" go to waste will never go away. 🙂

  5. Ezra Markos

    I was played basketball in 8th grade and the amount of people who got kicked out for cussing people out is ridiculous also the amount people will pay a ref for their team to win. One of my teammates was ejected for saying and 1 after he was fouled on a layup.

  6. D&D player from God knows where

    This isn’t really an embarrassing school sporting event story but it involves a school activity so I just decided to share. I was at my brother’s band concert I believe it was his sophomore year, and my bro plays trumpet for a little bit of background. This guy who unfortunately was sitting behind me and my family was extremely drunk and you could literally smell the alcohol on him when he walked past us and into the auditorium. Right at the end of one of the songs the band had performed when everybody finished clapping and the band had finished playing this guy literally screamed at the top of his lungs for our band director to move a piano that nobody was using on stage. I think he yelled something along the lines of can you move that god damn piano already and everybody in the crowd yelled at him to shut up and his nephew or whatever he was to him was mortified and this guy’s wife was crying and I felt so bad. I think this band concert was live streamed to to make things worse

  7. Jason Maier

    "They looked exactly like how you would expect a Canadian lesbian hockey mom would look".

    That's a sentence I never thought I would read!

  8. Curious Cam

    Lmao, if you're a woman and want to act a man- you better square up and be a man. Lesbian or not.

  9. goosnav slakovic

    Well my uncle reffed a final for a tournament, and some kid punched another, and the victim's brother ran onto the field and decked him. The parent of the puncher came in and grabbed the brother, and all the parents followed and went ham on eachother. At some point, someone started saying it was the refs fault and to get the ref, so my uncle got out of their. Long story short, the brawl ended in everyone fleeing because someone brought a gun, and cops promptly surrounded him.
    Albion tourneys are a bitch.

  10. Bobcat205

    A good 3/4 of these stories are from Hockey. This is why I love this sport, man.

  11. Mystic Fire

    I played basketball for a little while as a 12 year old wasn't that good tbh but the reason I quit was this incident
    I threw the ball intending to throw it to another girl on my team and instead wacked an opposing player on the side of the head with it
    She wasn't hurt and I felt terrible and immediately apologized but her mom leapt off the bleachers and came storming towards me swearing and threatening me she attempted to grab my arm but I dodged and promptly ran for my life with her yelling at me to come to her the referee intervened and she actually swung at him and kept coming towards me at that point my own mom had come down and was currently standing between us
    My mom's a big lady and pretty intimidating and she had her hands on her hips and a look that said "Come at me bitch" It was enough for the lady to back down and she was promptly kicked out
    Later the girl and her dad apologized to us and said his wife gets way to into sports which is why she's usually not allowed to come to her kids games

  12. Txomin Abel

    My friend was a soccer ref a few years prior to this
    To this point he only had a few crazy parents because of the fact that parents have to be at least 5m away from the field and are advised to be quiet during the game
    He was bisexual and this was in rural Bavaria
    So 8 weeks before his last match he outed himself, he was 20 at the time, and some parents apparently didn't like that their precious little snowflake was going to be referred by a gay person and some of the people who didn't like his outing had high positions in some soccer clubs who then refused to hire him as a ref
    It took a toll on him as well and he decided to do one last game, he was greeted to some ugly comments and just turned around and left

  13. bakedalaskax

    Oh boy, crazy sports parent stories…these are always a trip.

  14. Taryn Kane

    So not exactly on topic, but this happened two days ago.
    My sisters team was playing a team that has been known to be dirty. Not one player, the entire team. The coach too. So the other team is walking up behind our players and blatantly shoving them in the back, even when the ball was not in play. Multiple girls got hurt, but recovered quickly. We got called for offsides and handballs but the other team didn't get called even though they had about 7 handballs and were pretty much always offsides.
    My sister has asthma, and had taken her inhaler at halftime. She needed to come out, but coach wouldnt let her out. She was fighting for the ball and got body checked to the ground TWICE by two different people. My mom is obviously going insane because her kid was hurt and the girl didnt even get carded. The ref threatened to throw her out of the game.
    My mom went over to check on my sister (something she doesnt normally do, but it was bad) and had to call 911 because she couldnt breathe.
    After a chest x ray, breathing treatment, and concussion test we got to go home. My mom is taking it up with the league and in our dreams the ref would be fired, since he always let's them play like that.
    My sister is ok now, she is on five day activity restriction and we arent sure if she will play in the tournament coming soon or not.
    Also, the other team won because they bodychecked our players when they were going to the goal. The first half was great and clean and we were up but then they got mad and started purposefully hurting our players even if the ball wasnt in play.

  15. Frolaire

    Got to see the spectacle of an ENTIRE High school's soccer team suspended for the season for starting a fucking HUGE fight, that team's coaches were all removed after this for failure to stop a massive fight. Several spectators (parents) were charged with aggravated assault for getting on the field and going after the guys on the varsity team for the school I played for, we only had two players suspended just so it didn't look like favortism was in place. We won in the end as this occurred after half-time, and we were up by 1 point, we pointed at the score board on our way out. One of the spectators that jumped on to the field was literally thrown back over by the varsity goalie who was yelling at the refs to do something to stop the fight just before it (they did nothing about it, it started in the JV game too), and suplexed another one. It was a fucking experience, our coaches applauded use for defending ourselves and our team mates for those who were on the field, and we stopped for food as a reward. We had to keep to the windows of the bus closed and we were escorted off the field by the goalie's dad and a few other parents blocking the way to us and were some real intimidating individuals, but super chill. So yeah I watched crazy ass soccer parents get arrested, and sentenced due to being fucking idiots.

  16. TheChefShipwreckinAlaska 5897

    All that… over a damn little league game.

  17. The Hopper

    Was umpiring a little league baseball game and a guy pulled a gun on me because of a call involving his kid. Nearby fans disarmed him and the police escorted him out shortly after

  18. MemelordUwU :p

    4:49 white team and black team…. seems familiar.

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