Young Thug – Halftime [Official Video]

Music video from Young Thug “Halftime”

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  1. Yuri Motta

    7 anos atras eu tinha baixado todas as músicas dele que tinham no YouTube muito brabo nao da

  2. Mike Ricks

    Thugga flow 🔥🔥🔥🔥no 🧢 cap

  3. Mel M

    I remember this was my Anthem every morning to highschool wow ifs been 6 years.

  4. xandre

    the 12 second skrt adlib is just HEAVENLY

  5. King Tube

    A classic till date

  6. Clint Roop

    Jen's can't be your parents after you're born okay so you need to know that too and now we have the country for what the country is do

  7. N 1

    Listen to nas halftime anyday

  8. raymond bell

    1 Razorsharp

  9. raymond bell

    Jam right there

  10. goku blackq

    Who still bumping this 2022 1:56 best part 💜

  11. Spoon Hefner117

    Blonde thug was 99% ovr..the missing 1% is you cause he need you to listen to it

  12. Souleymane Sidibe officiel Jules Zion € king €

    Bonjour king nice top

  13. V K

    Tamo aí de novo 🤪🇧🇷

  14. SpongeX129

    This and Dream were the songs of the year for dis man. Some of the best

  15. LUH NECO

    Still listening in 2022

  16. TB Honest

    2022 still roccn w thugger thugger

  17. Zublits

    I'm old now I guess.

  18. Sabik R

    2022 this still bangs. Ik who my 🐐 is

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