Wolves v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/4/2023 | NBC Sports

Wolves v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/4/2023 | NBC Sports

Wolves claimed a famous win over Liverpool, handing the slumping Reds an unexpected hammering at Molineux. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Wolves #Liverpool
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Wolves v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/4/2023 | NBC Sports

We NEED more of this in sports ❤️👏 #shorts

(Via elizabethsfarmasibi/tt)

#heartfelt #emotional #basketball #inclusion #together #caring #highschoolbasketball #important #sports #highschoolsports #awesome #viral #sportsmanship #classy
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  1. Jesus Vidal

    You’re sick if your enjoying Liverpool’s downfall

  2. HaRd_TaCkLe CB

    this is what you get for disrespecting your best player liverpool ,sadio mane was the best player on that team and you didnt want to pay him .

  3. Nexhat Imeray

    Fabulous game fabulous game fabulous game 🙏👏💪

  4. Alisher uzb

    Nunes boy should warm up the bench

  5. Mwelwa Nguni

    Neves not properly celebrating with Traore kinda pissed me off

  6. Bryan Edtrand

    Love how arsenal got a fine for players confronting a ref but Liverpool most likely will not. 👌🏼

  7. Pablo Gomez

    What’s up with the green arm band?

  8. Moosa Syed

    Liver pool defense should just give up at this point, as a Liverpool supporter this sucks

  9. Heersare Official

    This was the Liverpool I grew up watching back in 🇸🇴.

  10. Hussein osman

    Liverpool they need mane back asp .. Really talk

  11. Javed Rahman

    Salah doesn't have unselfish Sadio Mane anymore..

  12. Javed Rahman

    Nunez pass = Salah goal – wtf.

  13. Rodolfo Quijano

    Neves, Neves, Neves!
    Vamos Wolf!!!!

  14. Eric Castillo

    Liverpool is as** and always will be. Nuñez is a waste of money and only has like 2 goals compared to what he scored at the easy a** Portugal league 😂😂 and the whole Liverpool team look like they’re going back to their good ol days… of losing games and no silverware lmaooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lastly seeing klopp b** to his players of how s*** they’re was priceless 😂😂😂

  15. collin8915

    Nunes is just a South American Maupay

  16. BooBear

    I’ll say this: reds fans are about the most dillusional outside of man United.

  17. Dizplays

    Surprised the wolves didn’t score more dribbling around the bright red cones.

  18. Krycepto

    I was waiting for the BLOCKED BY TAQUAVION

  19. Raymond Churchill

    This is so wholesome!

    But how is she on the team??

  20. XivExmzvix

    Where the travel tho ain’t tryna be mean

  21. Yifat Barninka

    That’s not a travel

  22. Daniel Ehrenberg

    Isn’t that traveling?

  23. Daniel Ehrenberg

    Is that traveling?

  24. samurui /

    Синдром дауна это не болезнь,это всеыолишь дополнительная хромосома

  25. younzies

    me sensing Taquavion presence
    taquavion in the corner: ahhh yes..its time

  26. yesssir

    📢😯👉 🏀😵‍💫

  27. KGbaby

    Girl is getting a ton of rebounds if they count for shots….. Smart move

  28. [Todeba]

    I love this video so much 🥺🥺🥺. I have a sister with down syndrome and this makes me cry 😭.
    We need this everywhere. At my sisters school when they do cross country my sister always comes last. They don’t do everything to help her in running. But this video 😭

  29. Madison Keller

    aww so special for her

  30. loading...

    i get it but that just makes the game unfun

  31. VoidVort3x

    I’m crying bro

  32. muchacho56

    Uh, whuuuheet?

  33. Camden Yards

    I was waiting for them to come together and lift her up or something like that. Very touching. ❤️ Those parents raised those girls right.

  34. Braylon Kingcannon

    “blocked by taquavion!”💀

  35. Daniela Pequeno

    Me and the boyz🤚🏀

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