When Will Every State Have Legalized Sports Gambling?

When could we expect every state to have legal sports betting?

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from 10am-Noon EST Mon-Fri.

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  1. we wear the mask

    Joey Crawford

  2. Bjukes Is king

    Hey pat the Montanables already have sports betting

  3. anthony tither

    Does it work in the U.K.?

  4. juror #13 Jurado

    Sooo happy for you and the boys

  5. Roy Dubois

    Get fan duel to Australia Pat

  6. Clasher Sports

    its all gonna come down to the juice… so many of these offhshore sites have like 10 cent lines… hopefully with more competition these sites will offer 5 cent lines

  7. C. M.

    Dont really care, hate casino betting, bookies all the way

  8. BIGgreen 07

    when will people get this…. in America you can get whatever you want just got to know where to look for it so why not tax it and Regulate sporting betting in every state.

  9. corey andreas

    Still waiting for Washington st

  10. Khari Mateen

    Great Show guy. This is becoming a morning thing for me.

  11. Elias Connolly

    I guess the next question aside from which states will or will not embrace this when all is said and done, is if places like FanDuel will officially (or unofficially) endorse VPN's that can move somebody's IP address into the states that have legalized sports betting…

  12. Anthony Sgro

    Man I hope not…

  13. Brian Commons

    If Matt needs an Irishman with a Business degree to come work for fan duel I’m his guy 👀🇮🇪

  14. Emilio Mota

    NYC ON JULY 19th

  15. Jordan Norton

    S/o to The Dark Arts and The Rat King

  16. crazykid2710

    Betting exchanges should be legal, bookies are scum

  17. Feminine Eminem

    Dude just brought up the dark arts? Gang gang Mr.Hill?

  18. Chase 9210

    We just moved 30 miles across the Mississippi River from MO to IL.. I’m pumped now!! I’ll have legal sports betting by end of year!.. WILD! WOO!!

  19. Ben Smith

    Will fan duel ever be able to be used outside the states? I’m in England and I do sports betting a lot and it’s always fun to have a new app to use,

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