What Is The Martingale Betting Strategy (Sports Betting MMA)

What Is The Martingale Betting Strategy (Sports Betting MMA)

What Is The Martingale Betting Strategy (Sports Betting MMA)

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  1. Jum Broni

    You might be smarter than I originally thought?

  2. Jake Maxwell

    I do this on football. I aim for odds just over Evens (2.0) I get on average 50% correct, the longest losing Streak has been 4 loses in a row. Solid way to Bet as long as you still do your research

  3. Reza Zandi

    Lol this is the dumbest strategy I have ever heard and it doesn’t work. You could lose your entire bank roll in 5 plays lol, this is so trash. You’re decent at predictions but def not betting tips

  4. Owen Johnston

    Great strategy, I got energy ugh money to buy my house


    Topuria is a -244 favorite over hall I'm just waiting for hall fans to bet on him saying that "He Is ThE mOsT dUcKeD fIgHtEr In ThE uFc"


    This might be my dumbest prediction but I'm going with staropoli over dolidze

  7. L

    That’s pretty much why I lost 1k ☹️ lol 😂 but good thing I also invest in stocks and crypto. This strategy is amazing tho. I need to practice this.

  8. Jason Jacob

    Hey man are there any MMA fights this week in Invicta or anywhere else ?

  9. Greg Underwood

    What is the average of the odds for ur last 10 bets? Odds have to be even for this to work…right?

  10. Alexander Leggett

    The problem with this strategy is that it's way more likely than you might think to lose 6 bets in a row (1% of the time on a true 50-50 bet). Sportsbooks might even place limits on the amount you can bet on certain things, meaning you cannot fully make your money back from them. This is a strategy that is doomed to fail, because if it were as easy as betting on something that's basically a coinflip (say an O/U in basketball) then doubling your bet everytime to get back whatever you lose, sportsbooks wouldn't be in such healthy business.

    It also doesn't account for vig, obviously. You can't double your bet to get your money back on a spread, you have to increase it by an extra amount, making your risk of ruin even higher.

    That said, if you manage to get lucky enough, or actually put effort into your decisions instead of guessing on a 50-50 outcome, then you could probably come out ahead in the short term with this sort of strategy. If you putting effort into your decisions tends to be the REASON you're losing, then switching to 50-50 guessing with this strategy would be a slower way to lose money, haha.

  11. Mohammed Bombaywala

    Btw Derrick Lewis got Murder on his miiiiiiiiiiiiind

  12. Sports Betting Education

    Bro 2.13k!!! You’re growing fast.

  13. Bert MMA

    Do you have any questions on the martingale betting strategy?

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