What is a Round Robin in Sports Betting? A Data Analyst Explains

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In this video, Matt explains Round Robin bets in sports betting. He defines, gives examples and offers sports betting strategies to help you place mathematically profitable round robin bets. We explains the best betting strategy for Round Robins and how to find profitable round robin bets on sportsbooks, such as FanDuel.

As always, you should be looking for round robins that are Positive EV. Round robins are similar to parlays, since you will need more than one bet to win to hit your Round Robin wager.

A round robin bet is a series of parlays created from a larger list of individual bets, with each combination of plays being included as individual parlays. The term “round robin” comes from a round robin tournament in which every team in a group plays each other. The idea is the same – all the bets form smaller parlays together.

Matt shows you how to place round robin bets that are mathematically profitable, by using OddsJam’s Positive Expected Value betting tool. He shares his best betting strategies regarding round robins, with one being to only add bets that have +135 odds or greater.

OddsJam has player prop odds, moneyline odds, point spread odds and much, much more! You can use the OddsJam sports betting software, which has real-time NBA odds, MLB odds, and NFL odds to find the best round robin bet.

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Sports Betting 101 and Betting Tips: Direct from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas, WagerTalk.com’s Kelly Stewart talks with sports betting expert Teddy Covers about what a “Round Robin” means in sports betting terminology.

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  1. 1stLaw

    it seems like round robins are more about insurance so you dont lose all of your money on a normal parlay, if you get 6/8 you still get some of your money back also with the potential to make even more than a normal parlay?

  2. Mobo FN

    Say I put 3 bets in a round robin. I bet $1 on only one of them 2×10 for bucks, and knicks moneyline at +120. It's at $12.02 as of typing this. If one hits do I win only $6. And if I do, I made a profit still since I only put $1 or do I lose money somehow. If I do lose money how much do I lose in this scenario

  3. Albert Hamui

    I made a round robin using 8 legs some being part of the same game, I only got 1 pick wrong but lost the whole thing. How is this possible?

  4. Star Astro

    I found out that no one really knows how a Red Robin works. Folks will try to explain, but they’ll never break it down comprehensively.

  5. The WestPhloe

    I found your channel and I just got into sports betting 3 days ago. I appreciate all your tutorials I'll get it at some point. I'm still learning.

  6. ZTerps

    You cash the 57.42 as long as 2 atleast hit?

  7. ShotbyRon

    How does the payout work exactly? Say I have 6 selections and group them by 2. I bet $5 and it says to win $100. Does that mean I win $100 for ever parley I hit? Or does it mean I can win the max of $100.

  8. BroncoRik22

    I’ve been betting pretty much everyday since 2017 and have never done a round robin . Appreciate the detailed explanation but I will stick to straight bets

  9. Juan Mejia

    Can anyone explain why i lost on a RR by 3's from 8 when i hit on 5?????

  10. Riley Freeman #JP

    I’m going to start doing round robins instead of parlays

  11. Julius Kurtz

    I like to know I can play a regular parlay and play a Rd Robbin on the same dollar or do I spit the the dollar

  12. Mike Smith

    I did a 5 ML teams how many losses do it take to lose it all ?

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