What Is A Round Robin Bet? | Sports Betting FAQ's | Parlays And Round Robins

What Is A Round Robin Bet? | Sports Betting FAQ's | Parlays And Round Robins

What Is A Round Robin Bet? | Sports Betting FAQ’s | Parlays And Round Robins

Kyle Kirms, professional handicapper and host of The Sauce Network, explains what a Round Robin bet is and when the best time to use them is.

Kyle’s show, The Sauce, is uploaded daily and includes all of his free sports picks.


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What Is a Round Robin in Sports Betting? How to Bet a Round Robin

You may have seen round robin as a betting option at your sportsbook, but never dipped your toes into waters.

A round robin is really just a series of smaller parlays created from a larger list of teams. Your sportsbook will create every possible parlay combination based on the parlay size and number of teams you select.

For example, with three teams selected — Ravens -6, Titans +5, Packers -10, for example — you can create three separate, two-team parlays.

— Ravens -6, Titans +5
— Ravens -6, Packers -10
— Titans +5, Packers -10

If you put on all those parlays (for total) and all three teams win, you win all three parlays.

The more teams you add, the more parlay combinations you can create.

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  1. Danny Thai

    Wish I watched this 12 hrs ago had a 6 leg college 5/6 hit n the 6th I missed by 4 pts. I was so close but if played it this way I would have came up big. Payout was 1k on a 20 bet but if I know I got a greater shot at a hit I would have threw up that money. Just been playing small ball to get money up, so far after a $70 deposit I’m up $1,300 in 5 days. Thanks for this insight!

  2. Larry

    Great video. Thanks for the explanation.

  3. Rivenchi

    So if I make a parlay of 6 n round robin it with 3s and have 20 outcomes with a pay out of 190 would pay out only be 190? Or x as many parlays won

  4. Bradley Kingdon

    Much appreciated fam!

  5. Soto Span

    In my beach lol

  6. Money Trees

    Thank you 🙏🏿

  7. KrookedTooth

    My boy mentioned a Round Robin.. I thought he was talking bout the thick chick from 2B.. Know what I'm sayin

  8. Hazim Fejzic

    I bet 9 games lost only one at robins why dont win nothing

  9. ThatBoyyVon

    Appreciate you big bro! Needed this!!

  10. hoodbarbietv5

    How many combinations do I have to have correct for me to win the 2s by 4 or 2s by 6 RR ? If the bet is x15 ?

  11. Smoovito The Goat

    I love this

  12. HK Magical World

    I just wanna make sure I understand this in round Robin if I pick 8 teams and do a round Robin of 4s any 4 out of 8 teams win do i win?

  13. Christopher Smith

    I am a teacher in NJ and after watching this video you should be one too…see you in Miami hahaha

  14. Louisiana_ CountryLife

    I have a question? To make sure I am rite… I have a 9 pick parley if I pick a 2pick round robin and more the 2 win do I still win or is it over?

  15. Primetimegrant

    This legit helped me! Thank you!

  16. Trey Cabrales

    This just taught me what I had been wondering about for the longest! Thank you man

  17. Mikey Bando

    What if I put in for the 3 RR And only lose 1 game ???

  18. Sahil Dutt

    Won 500 on my first 5 leg 3’s round robin, cheers !!!

  19. Mr. J1S

    ok so i did 5 pick parlay. … then RR by 2 from 5…. i can get 2 wrong and still come out on top? i did it last night not knowing anything. got 1 wrong and came out ahead. but ur saying u can actually get 2 picks wrong?

  20. jose sanchez

    Great explanation. Thank you

  21. hoodbarbietv5

    Ok but how many combinations do I need to win if I do a 2s by 4 RR? 10x bet .. no one is telling us how many combos we need to have correct

  22. Matt Woldanski

    Cool, don’t tell us what it means.

  23. Cammy Boyyy

    What does singles mean??

  24. Charles Holmes

    What sites show you the matchups their giving you?

  25. Zack Fair

    I still don’t get it lol

  26. yaimavol

    These bets have high payouts for a reason. It's like walking up to a craps table and watching some guy throw money on the hard ways and horn bets over and over. He might win a few, but he's out of money soon enough. Money management is the key to actually making some money on sports betting. Otherwise, you're just doing it for entertainment.

  27. You FLAW

    If 1 of your picks miss out of the 6 Do you lose?

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