What Happened To The 12 Players Drafted Before Kobe Bryant

From an iconic superstar to a guy who was brutally murdered by his own family…

This Is What Happened To The 12 Players Drafted Before Kobe Bryant

0:00 Intro
0:54 1996 Draft Class
1:11 How The Lakers Got Kobe Bryant
2:17 1st Pick – Allen Iverson
3:40 2nd Pick – Marcus Camby
4:38 3rd Pick – Shareef Abdur Rahim
5:21 4th Pick – Stephon Marbury
7:17 5th Pick – Ray Allen
8:52 6th Pick – Antoine Walker
10:16 7th Pick – Lorenzen Wright
12:44 8th Pick – Kerry Kittles
14:17 9th Pick – Samaki Walker
15:22 10th Pick – Erick Dampier
16:07 11th Pick – Todd Fuller
16:53 12th Pick – Vitaly Potapenko
18:01 Conclusion

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Take a look back at #13 pick Kobe Bryant!

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  1. @HenryHoops

    Hey Guys, I realize I misspoke on some parts:

    AI was voted to the Top 75 Team in 2001 [2021],
    Ray Allen played for 8 years [18],
    Ray Allen won the championship with the Heat in 2003 [2013],
    Wright's ex-wife was sentenced in 2009 [2019].

    This video was a beast to make but I had a lot of fun…

    Thanks for watching!

    Shoot me a like and subscribe if you want to see more!

  2. @borood1188

    Those teams were foolish.

  3. @JadaPendleton

    ’’''''"""""""""""”"""""""""""""""" how many you mf 😂😂😂😂


    A.I. is the truth. Kobe was great too but A.I. was special. We haven’t seen another A.I. and never will

  5. @CSV1973

    Kobe was right outta HS… ppl forget it was a different time.. if he plays 1 year in college he would be no 1 pick the next year… so this isn’t a fair video… Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan…

  6. @scottttym

    Sharif refused to play in Vancouver. And is the reason why that franchise had to leave Vancouver. A$$hat

  7. @khadorstrong

    What an amazing draft

  8. @SamuelRupert73

    They didnt die in a helicopter crash

  9. @VintageKrisItsMe

    Iverson is the best example how important is to have a proper management in a team. They got Ferrari and used it for Sunday grocery…

  10. @primalnecessity

    AI was worth every minute

  11. @mylesbraxton2148

    Allen Iverson Aka The Answer is my favorite basketball player no questions asked

  12. @Bravo8292

    Steph was a bad man! There were some "Bad Mama Jamas" in this draft!

  13. @mdaniels3rd

    Excellent video

  14. @Gamwtoyssionistes24

    They stayed alive

  15. @user-ft6wo8rs5g

    Bryant forced the trade

  16. @JuniorSmith-qt4fn

    The organization sacfice him

  17. @francisjohndacillo9092

    Steve Nash MVP is crap lol it should have been shaq or kobe

  18. @susrinathan2037

    as a raptors fan, this video is like salt in the wound

  19. @sale9268

    What happened to the players that were drafted before Nikola Jokic?

  20. @kennethli8

    As a long time Warriors fan, I remember Eric Dampier was named "The Hands of Stone."

  21. @AndrewsOpinion15


  22. @mnewby82

    20 years with his favorite team growing up.

  23. @1_1xd4

    He's Like the 2nd best player in the nba

  24. @blackout8777

    whole draft class damn near hall of famers

  25. @IDontThinkSooo

    13 pick wtf ….shows you his work ethic !!! Long live kobe

  26. @observeandreport2011

    This hits differently now

  27. @bible-james4277

    Legends never die,rest in peace

  28. @raiderfanlb

    RIP, Mamba out

  29. @v32sports98

    This Video is 59 minutes too short.

  30. @SNFCDublagens

    He proved that not always the 1# picks in the draft class are betters….

  31. @bidenhatesblacksandmexican3362

    Lebron >>>>>>>>>kobe… 4mvps >>>>>>>1mvps…… 3 finals mvps >>>>>>2 finals mvps….. 3 rings >>>>>>>>>> 2 rings (shaq owns the other three because he was number 1 option/Finals MVPs)

  32. @BlazemyHaze22

    This video should really open some eyes. While watching all the other players in this draft class, even the all-stars and MVP's…none of them had the duration that Kobe had. Everyone else is washed up and retired. If you think about it, if Kobe didn't suffer the Achilles injury he would still be averaging 20-25 points per game. Insane.

  33. @expergisci

    #13 pick…

  34. @davidalxndr

    Where's the one with him baptising Howard ?

  35. @mauricemallari6365


  36. @seloptengkor

    Put aside all the busts and dissapointments. the 1996 draft class was a great class, some of the guys like Kobe, AI, Nash, Peja, Jermaine, Allen, Starbury, Antoine Walker made the game look so entertaining offensively. On the defensive side, Camby and Dampier were good on defense. Some of them made multiples times all-star games, played in NBA Finals and even got the taste of winning it all. No disrespect to 1984 and 2003 Draft Class, both of them answered our expectations.. but when i look back 20 years ago…man this class changing the NBA and the 2000's era really great. Maybe NBA should make a documentary, when some of them inducted to the Hall of Fame

  37. @SwishScopeOfficial

    The Nets were gonna pick him at 8 until Kobe's agent and that Adidas guy that handled Kobe's endorsement threatened the Nets not to do it.

  38. @jaimelopez6921

    13th pick? Dang. Well, I hope he has an OK career at least. Can't expect much out of a 13th pick.

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