Week 6 Game Picks! | GameDay View

Week 6 Game Picks! | GameDay View

Week 6 Game Picks! | GameDay View

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0:00 Intro
1:21 Chargers-Ravens
4:50 Cardinals-Browns
8:53 Cowboys-Patriots
15:08 Proper Performance
18:34 Packers-Bears
21:54 Vikings-Panthers
26:45 Bills-Titans
30:24 Seahawks-Steelers
33:41 Survive & Advance
38:30 Predict the Points
45:49 Dolphins-Jaguars
46:26 Bengals-Lions
47:07 Raiders-Broncos
48:13 Chiefs-Washington
48:23 Texans-Colts
48:41 Rams-Giants
51:25 Drive to Excellence
52:06 Write this Down

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  1. Angelmtz

    The cardinals upset the brown

  2. marauding picks

    Marauding picks last weeks 2-0 each week….5-0 since posting…. Banned in sportsbooks all over….tune in

  3. That Guy

    lol she said “i don’t think this defense will be able to stop the chargers offense” she never makes the right picks when it comes to the ravens she’s annoying as hell

  4. VV ShiftyJu

    Here after Ravens Chargers. Boy were they wrong again.

  5. Dame Drops

    What's the Brunetts onlyfans?

  6. Sir Chi87

    Who did Rachel sleep with to be the A mic? She totally ruined the chemistry on this show🤔🤔🤔

  7. Eric S

    war damn eagle 🦅!

  8. George Jefferson

    How are the Panthers at home an “upset”?

    SKOL Vikings!

  9. Joel Galvan

    I hate Cynthia. She acts like she knows data but it's all a program… how many games have you seen end in a score of 25🤦🤡

  10. Hunter Probst

    My Week 6 Predictions:
    Chargers: 32 – Ravens: 27
    Cardinals: 35 – Browns: 29
    Cowboys: 30 – Patriots: 21
    Packers: 34 – Bears: 23
    Vikings: 27 – Panthers: 25
    Bills: 36 – Titans: 28
    Seahawks: 17 – Steelers: 27
    Dolphins: 27 – Jaguars: 24
    Bengals: 24 – Lions: 17
    Raiders: 28 – Broncos: 27
    Chiefs: 30 – WFT: 21
    Texans: 20 – Colts: 26
    Rams: 35 – Giants: 21

  11. Cedric Holt

    Ravens fan

  12. Avery Toutges

    Justin is my daddy 😩

  13. Tim Mullens

    nfl = wokie cast -how about some real football knowledge in those chairs ffs

  14. Elyas Bin Yahya Rucker

    Picking the 5-0 Cardinals to win is NOT an upset

  15. Martin Dixon

    Rachel is Absolutely Gorgeous Funny and Smart. and she loves football wifey material. 😍🥰😘

  16. Mike J Self

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    Plus still take vac shot if want and it is real it help me your choice welcome 😃…

  17. 2kini

    All due respect Rachel, kick it down a tone please. Fan of show

  18. Danny Dubbs

    Love Justin Herbert and Lamar Jackson. Even though I’m a charger fan, I still love Lamar Jackson because he’s so fun to watch.

  19. Sinful Ne0n999

    God I hate Cynthia and her "model"

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