Week 14 NFL Game Picks & Win Probability | NFL 2021

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  1. Jordan Dilworth

    They had the browns and Baltimore 22-23 the game score 24-22 dam

  2. Red Texan Politics

    Steelers (already wrong :|)
    Falcons (upset)

  3. Amy Benzaquen

    I think the bills are going to beat the bucs 26-25 and I think the cardinals will beat the rams 28-21

  4. Diontae Daughtry

    Tomorrow's gonna be insane.

  5. Leelo Stickun

    As a cardinal I expect us to lose this game. Only cause I know them so well

  6. Liam

    If cynthia's model was always right the NFL would be so boring

  7. FLipSide

    Here comes Cynthia predictions which is always a good game ever week. For her all scores are close game and she doesn't want to embarrass any team at all lol. There's so many 25 points which means it's either missed extra point and safety in order to get 25.

  8. quan Brooklyn kid

    I hope the Cowboys win tomorrow… nd rams beat the Arizona Cardinals

  9. mrmayortheiv

    What's the point of showing the % chance of a team covering? The whole point of the spread is to try to make it as close to 50% as possible.

  10. Jay Jays toys

    Tyrann Mathieu: Saying Oops! NFL: Let's blur it out.

  11. Massimiliano Giacometti

    Tampa Bay are going to win because of memorable and same with Denver I heard

  12. Tyree Collins

    Saints need this win desperately

  13. gggggggg

    Odds on your fav team winning are quite simple, they either win or lose….. 49% chance for either win or loss, 2% chance of a tie. You don't exactly have to be a genius to work it out, or have some fancy, useless analytics, or worse, some moron "predicting"…

  14. Green Man

    I'm hoping the orange browns beat the purple browns.

  15. tp30

    this is just bs numbers that dont mean anything. look how similar the scores are. cept for the bears games, bears dont have a chance

  16. Castro007🃏

    Let’s fucken go Raiders! ☠️

  17. Jacob Carson

    Saints offense is so terrible I doubt they are capable of winning another game this year. I predict they lose the rest of their games, possibly go 6-11 for the season at best. This pains me greatly to say this considering I am a Saints fan, but I remember the Saints before Brees, and I expect them to return back to the good ol' Aints

  18. Yaming Izzo

    DET-DEN on the thumbnail lol

  19. Demarco Snowboarding

    Seahawks are going to smoke the texans

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