Vegas Vipers vs. DC Defenders | Full Game Highlights | XFL on ESPN

Check out these highlights from the DC Defenders’ 32-18 win over the Vegas Vipers.

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  1. YungFlyCchip

    DB shout out Davin Bellamy still shutting games down !!!

  2. Joshua Avery

    H town Roughnecks all the way

  3. washington warriors

    Defenders + Commanders = DC !! Real football city !! Let's go.

  4. Christian Perez

    The NFL needs a league like this so guys have a choice coming out of college. You don’t have to go to Canada and play a different game. We can keep the boys at home and draft from there. It’s like a AA league for the NFL. XFL has to succeed!

  5. worpfire100

    @10:24 I wanna know why was the single safety so far in the endzone, why keep bacc pedaling when no one is running that deep, then didn't even drive on the ball when it's thrown .. waited for wr to get to him trash player

  6. rofj09

    Sheesh. Vegas has not one but two bad football teams. What are the odds 😅

  7. Gregory Gabaylo

    To the Beautiful Dany Garcia and to the Rock of Mana of Aloha, I've been watching the XFL when they first started. I wanted to stop by and say Mahalo for saving the XFL League, many dreams and goal minded players. Yes! Your words that you say, cross roads to success and opportunities. #54 Dreams and made it realistic! Aloha with Love and Mahalo with Passion!

  8. William Carpenter

    Perez was throwing Dots all game. Hope he makes an NFL roster this year

  9. 💰 Make $685 Daily

    "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." —Anonymous

  10. D E E Z Y

    🛡️🛡️🛡️ let’s gooo 4-0

  11. Globe Snow

    Vipers defense held up all game only allowing field goals after field goals

  12. Frankenstein Firearms

    The kickoff rules for the XFL are so much safer for the players over the NFL, college and even high school

  13. John Phelan

    3:30 Giffen is good. Little joke for all the econ majors out there. (In economics a a giffen good is something that there is more demand for when times are worse because it's a cheaper substitute for something better that people would rather have but can no longer afford.)

  14. BN

    that halftime rule is so stupid. Its not the vipers fault that the refs got the call wrong. The vipers didn't challenge either. BTW its not the refs fault either, it was close. They should've placed the ball and had running clock

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