Turning $100 Into $12.9k Betting on Sports

Turning $100 Into $12.9k Betting on Sports

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Steelers Bears Free Pick

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  1. Evergreens

    Alright everyone time to dump in and lose lots of cash

  2. Jordan Nijjar

    That's awesome xD

  3. Mon Allen

    What's the name of the website you betting money on

  4. Derek Alvarado

    Do you ever feel like Midas?

  5. Arkade

    Wow … crazy dude, GZ!

  6. Blake Roberts

    Reposting videos is actually pretty smart. You're a genius

  7. Wesley caldwell

    Coulda showed the end results if you had held

  8. Razor HK

    its a house game

  9. A wise Monk

    Please make a video about bet365

  10. sean richards

    That is an awesome christmas!!! Hopefully there is a little help going to a worthwhile charity!!!

  11. koalabear

    i havent put a bet on for years. So long as you accept the most sports are rigged, almost all horse races are corrupt and never bet on harness racing or dogs or boxing, you'll be right!

  12. KenZo

    Unsubbed LOL. C ya later.

  13. Luan Zondervan

    Promoting gambling

  14. Pizzo

    Just lucky. The house always wins.

  15. Benj Haisch


  16. Noah Serdachny

    Fuck bro😂, I was in 7th place in the thrive contest with 2 mins left and had kmet under 4.5 rec, mooney under 0.5 touchdown and friermouth under 42.5 and he finishes with 43 haha and the other 2 screw it wirh seconds left! Thought I had it lol


    Dude last prime time under i trusted you this prime time under broke my heart idk what told my brain to belive it😣

  18. Ian R

    Had he not fumbled that ball, the Steelers probably run down the clock and the bears likely don’t score again. Tough loss here

  19. Sofia Palomar

    Vegas looses hell yea lol

  20. FrostedStixx

    Over gonna hit tho

  21. ryan bell

    just was the craziest feeing recalling this video when that bears td got called back. for the weak chop block. you a prophet?

  22. Bobby Seiler

    do you have a discord

  23. jeremy surowiec

    I’m not saying ur wrong but why take the under tonight when mack, ogletree, and Jackson are out? The Steelers have won 19 straight Monday night hone games. (Dates back to the 70s) also Steelers have beat every team in the NFL but the Bears. A lot of factors for the over.

  24. Patrick Francis

    UTEP looked like a great pic until you look at what their record on their home field vs UTSA . Getting crushed every year they have played there

  25. Jeff Z

    Week 9 was a bizarro day in NFL

  26. Nick Quintanilla

    Keeping it under to keep the game close

  27. gvon1989

    wht's your opinion on walterfootball?

  28. Joshua Chaves

    Congratulations bro doing big things

  29. Elcarmen27402

    As of 1:45 central time more then half the money is on the under.

  30. Jack

    Hey Cody, been a fan of what you do for a few months now. Just curious, if you think Vegas legitimately rigs games, doesn’t that make you hesitant to bet on games? I mean, if it really is true, does that mean there’s certain games/nights we the public should always fade? Thanks for all the content !

  31. Nate Stickney

    Honestly just so dope how you’ve been able to make so much to the point where you now are able to buy a house and an Air BnB. Most say it’s not the conventional way to do it but if you’re making money who cares.

  32. Jack Horne

    Do you like a 6 pt teaser with Steelers and Ravens on Thursday?

  33. Krany

    Everything went to shit for me this weekend. It was nuts

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