Top 5 Players From The 2009 NBA Draft #Shorts

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Listen to Stephen Curry talk about his experience as a participant in the 2009 NBA Draft Combine!

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  1. 2 kašioriai


  2. Sumeet Beniwal

    Honorable mention: Pat Beverley

  3. Jezrel Velez

    where is Jonny Flynn?

  4. OA Hoops

    Jrue holiday has left the chat

  5. Cavachoncx3

    God and Jesus save🙏🕊✝️

  6. Emmet Berte

    Jrue holiday over Jeff Teague

  7. Get Mossed

    Did he call harden a point gaurd

  8. Sturdy Jamal

    My List:
    5- Jrue Holiday
    4- Blake Griffen
    3- DeMar DeRozan
    2- James Harden
    1- Stephen Curry

  9. Rosemary Adereti

    You forgot Kure holiday

  10. Carlos Atero analisis R6 y demás

    Omfg Jeff Teague before Ricky?? He is a champ but he felt in disgrace too quickly man

  11. CrazeDizzy

    Harden is a point guard?

  12. James Montoya

    Technically harden is a sg

  13. internet person

    1. Curry
    2. Harden
    3. Griffin
    4. Derozan
    5. Holiday

  14. funky juice

    How does he think Teague is better than jrue

  15. Steph Curry

    Jrue and Pat Bev better

  16. Josh Ramirez

    Look a curry man, so inspirational

  17. Burke Pongracz

    Pretty sure holidays better than Teague bud

  18. Spook

    Just realized harden was the 3rd pick but was a 6th man

  19. 심봉사

    Effort never betrays ☆🔥💪

  20. Lil Xhapo

    Shii crazy cause it’s like all the #1 picks get all the hype and they all don’t be successful 💯 nobody in his draft class fwh all coaches missed out fr

    look at curry now in 2022 The (greatest shooter of All time) he got the greatest coach of this era rn aslong as the warriors hit Steve kerr they winning and he played with the best of them and he got 9 rings ,

    Curry now is a 4x champ now , fmvp,8x allstar , broke nba 3pt record in less seasons then both ray allen and Reggie miller and curry wasn’t #1 pick he is just a bucket and was blessed but he has the most haters and is the most humble player in the nba 💯 stay tune he going for the 5th ring #Night.Night”🙏🏻💤💤 #WarriorsBackHealthyEvenMoreThisSeason #WarriorsWill3peatYouHearditHereFirst

  21. Bayou Tapes

    man o man boy o boy

  22. Angel Devo

    Who would of known he would be the best shooter of all time.

  23. Mranswer2q

    did he just drop step dunk

  24. Stephen Brown

    I stopped following after his draft workout. How did his career turnout so far?

  25. txc Nexus

    powered by Under Armour

  26. gxazz wqqrr

    crazy that every player gotta do this. id love to see this for other players, imagine Ja Morant

  27. MisterNiz


  28. Marcus Cabrera

    Damn, now he's a four time champ

  29. 2A - Ladroma, Earl

    Now a 4x NBA Champ, Finals MVP, and the greatest shooter in history🎉🎉

  30. Ria Glaiza Marcos

    Whos here after curry won his 4th ring?

  31. MrNobody

    1:27 wow this guy is good he should be drafted in the nba

  32. Velocity Gaming

    Man don't miss even at the combine holy shit

  33. FreEli OfSin

    The Warriors made a good ass decision on picking him 🙌🏽🔥🐐

  34. Reverend Daughter

    Smallest guy in draft but the biggest career run

  35. Alvaro Arias

    Question. Anyone can do the draft combine? Or they are pre selected to do that?

  36. Daevon💫

    “So inspirational man”
    -Flight Reacts

  37. Mr.Chicken99

    Look at curry man so inspirational

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