Top 25 Recruits In 2023 Recruiting Class & Where They Signed | College Football National Signing Day

National Signing Day 2023: The Top 25 recruits & where they committed plus predictions on where the uncommitted players will sign with:
#25 Justice Haynes (RB, Alabama) – signed
#24 Rueben Owens (RB, Texas A&M) – signed
#23 Desmond Ricks (CB, Uncommitted) – Committing on Dec. 22 at 5:30p ET
#22 Qua Russaw (EDGE, Alabama) – signed, was previously uncommitted
#21 Cedric Baxter Jr. (RB, Texas) – signed
#20 Samson Okunlola (OT, Miami) – signed

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#19 Anthony Hill (LB, Texas) – signed
#18 James Smith (DL, Alabama) – signed, was previously uncommitted
#17 Duce Robinson (TE, Uncommitted)
#16 Nyckoles Harbor (ATH, Uncommitted)
#15 Durian Dickey (WR, Oregon) – Committed only
#14 Peyton Bowen (S, Oregon) – Committed only, Flipped from Notre Dame
#13 Damon Wilson (EDGE, Georgia) – signed, was previously uncommitted
#12 Kadyn Proctor (OT, Alabama) – Flipped from Iowa

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#11 Dante Moore (QB, UCLA) – Signed
#10 Keon Keeley (EDGE, Alabama) – Signed
#9 David Hicks (DL, Texas A&M) – Committed only
#8 Francis Mauigoa (OT, Miami) – Signed
#7 Jackson Arnold (QB, Oklahoma) – Signed
#6 Caleb Downs (S, Alabama) – Signed
#5 Zachariah Branch (WR, USC) – Signed
#4 Nicholaus Iamaleava (QB, Tennessee) – Signed
#3 Malachi Nelson (QB, USC) – Signed
#2 Cormani McClain (CB, Miami) – Committed Only
#1 Arch Manning (QB, Texas) – Signed

Will Arch Manning live up to the hype? Type ‘Y’ for Yes, ‘N’ for No

National Signing Day is in the books for College Football recruiting as most of the top recruits in the country have signed their letters of intent for the 2023 class. A few players haven’t announced their commitments, but for the most part everyone has signed. College Football Now host Tom Downey breaks down the Top 25 recruits for 2023 and what schools they are heading to! Follow Tom on Twitter:

College Football Recruiting News – the final 5 teams for Duce Robinson:
– Texas Longhorns
– Alabama Crimson Tide
– USC Trojans
– Georgia Bulldogs
– Oregon Ducks

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College Football rumors on where Nyckoles Harbor will commit – the 3 teams linked:
– Maryland Terrapins
– Michigan Wolverines
– South Carolina Gamecocks

Desmond Ricks took 3 CFB recruiting visits: Florida Gators, Alabama Crimson Tide and LSU Tigers. Who gets Desmond Ricks? Type ‘B’ for Alabama, ‘F’ for Florida, ‘L’ for LSU

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Who is the best recruiter in college football?

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49ers QB Brock Purdy, the last pick in the draft, is exposing NFL front offices.

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  1. Chat Sports

    What do you like more? Type ‘R’ for Recruiting or ‘T’ for Transfers

  2. ZiggityWiggity

    Update: Desmond Ricks at Alabama

  3. Bruce Ellenburg

    Did anyone notice
    Ohio state, Clemson or Michigan had zero signees in the top 25?

  4. Daniel Pos

    Arizona wildcats recruits and transfers Please!

  5. Billy Jamison

    Former player’s kids get more hype than they should. Manning is way overhyped but he’s a Manning. I remember all the hype for Chris Simms when he went to Texas. How many championships did he win? Might have if not for Oklahoma.

  6. Piggy

    Peyton Bowen is going to Oklahoma I think

  7. Tommy Hill

    Desmond Ricks is not related to Eli Ricks. Desmond is from VA Eli from CA.

  8. slimtimshady

    I think arch will be in transfer portal next year

  9. Jeff Stone

    its hilarious to me how moore was top 2 qb but when he switches to ucla hes now bottom top 5 smh these things are proof its rigged and just a sec popularity vote… over it

  10. Ballaific Slim

    Kirby smart the best or Coach Prime

  11. Lonnie Hooper

    Jim Harbaugh best

  12. Chat Sports

    Who is the best recruiter in college football?

  13. Chat Sports

    CFB News and Rumors are made possible by Rocket Money! Cancel unnecessary subscriptions and keep track of your expenses with Rocket Money. Download now and take control of your spending:

  14. Chat Sports

    Who gets Desmond Ricks? Type ‘B’ for Alabama, ‘F’ for Florida or ‘L’ for LSU

  15. onenickelmiracle

    People like me didn't realize this.

  16. Peter Harris

    Smart man. Guys like Wilson Mac Jones… etc…..too many opportunities for guys who can't lead u to the super bowl just because this or that and has nothing to do with on the field play

  17. jose acevedo

    Brock Purdy for President!
    Let's GO 49ERS!!!!!!!!

  18. Mark Ciraulo

    I love Steve he is real 💯

  19. Jason Szeto

    Wall of China lol

  20. Andy Adams

    With all due respect Steve, he landed with the BEST POSSIBLE team and fit that he could have wished for! He goes anywhere else and we’re not having this conversation

  21. Loic Joseph

    Steve Smith speaking facts

  22. Jordan Barnett

    Put any of those guys in a Shanahan offense with that stable of weapons and they'll probably look pretty good too lol

  23. Richard Martinez

    Scouts are clowns 🤡. Let’s Go Brandon FJB!

  24. Timothy Sims

    Steve Smith is right! Look at Isaiah Pacheco, RB for the Chiefs, a 7th round pick

  25. Chris Gibbs

    The only thing scouts have proved to me in the past 15 years is how much they either don't know football or how scared they are to actually give 'a non standard player in a given position a chance'. Really NFL scouts are just taking money from teams for producing absolutely nothing!

  26. Vuthearith Keary

    It’s cool to see his human side. Like giving baker props.

  27. JayBigDadyCy

    He's 100% on the money. Teams are so scared to take a QB who is "unconventional" in terms of size amongst other things that we end up watching the Zach Wilsons over and over. I watch a TON of CFB. And I end up scratching my head so many times on draft day.

  28. Brian Supermag

    Absolutely correct.

  29. Man of steel

    BrockOsweiler —-the 6ft 8 bust that signed big contracts for Texans —they had him hyped for pure size and paid him generously .

  30. Brian Freeman

    I wish I could be an nfl scout. I'd kill it. There's so many people that believe people are amazing but don't pay attention to other important factors.

  31. MrsMcIlrath

    It is awful. They’re rarely right and yet their word is gospel. I don’t get it. Never have.

  32. Jerry Halstead

    Exactly. This why the running 1st qb is the hot ticket. They will have a few yrs success then injuries. Never make nfl throws. Safe instant splash for everyone. Like Lamar. Want proof, watch his qb skills challenge in pro bowl. Like deer in headlights. But he can hit the turf downfield most of the time without dbs out there.

  33. Beemerk35 str

    Think they got the wrong people scouting players that never played football in there life. We need more people like Steve Smith scouting players.

  34. Santiago

    Justin fields > Zach Wilson. That draft evaluation in itself is enough said

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