Tips and Strategy For Betting On College Basketball Games | Sports Betting Tips

Tips and Strategy For Betting On College Basketball Games: In the latest episode of our Sports Betting Tips series for the recreational sports bettor from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas our team sports betting experts share their tips and strategy for betting on college basketball games.

Make sure to check out our entire “Sports Betting 101”, “Sports Betting 102” series and complete “Sports Betting Tips” library where our team of Vegas handicappers helps educate recreational and newcomers to wagering on sporting events to understand how sports betting works, sports betting terminology, handicapping fundamentals, how to place various types of bets and the different forms of betting and even how to place a bet at a sportsbook and look like a professional.

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  1. Martin Dixon

    Kelly is beautiful and very intelligent. 😍

  2. Supur Man

    01:01 this year, Big Ten home teams are winning and covering
    02:41 get ahead of it 03:35 Limit your Conferences kenpom

    08:05 Three agendas; non-conference, conference, postseason

  3. Brett

    Holy mumbles…enunciate buddy.

  4. G. Moore

    In NFL the HFA is 2 to 3 points on avg, but what is HCA worth in CBB?

  5. BadgerSportsService

    I like Tony's passion in his NBA show. Doesn't back down from his opinion and isn't scared to blast other cappers who are on the opposite side. Enjoy hearing his opinion.

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