Tim Donaghy: The ref who bet on NBA games; Legal sports betting hits U.S. | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

From 2009, Bob Simon’s report on former NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who was arrested for gambling on games. And from 2019, Jon Wetheim’s report looking at the impacts of legal sports betting on college sports.

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0:00 Introduction
0:11 Tim Donaghy (Part 1)
13:18 Tim Donaghy (Part 2)
23:06 All Bets Are On
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  1. Robert Jimenez

    This is just the feds protecting the NBA from a huge class action law suit.

  2. Roll Fizzlebeef

    His accent/affect/impediment should have been the first clue that he's corrupt.

  3. HeavyWeightHank

    The MF who cost the sacramento kings there only shot at winning a championship.

  4. Chiro- NYC

    I remember when it happened. I never knew he did not fix games. Interesting

  5. HT

    God sports it’s such a joke. Like gtfoh with this Gladiator type bs

  6. Po Wasjington

    Gambling is a waste of time and energy. Its like smoking cigarettes. Do what you want, but you will be better off more successful in society if you don’t gamble.

  7. Glen Wilson

    Good ☔ Rain Consulting Firm….. Sports Agency….C.E.O. Glenn Wilson Headquarters based in New Orleans, La. Treme',U.S.A.

  8. HolisticDirect / Dr. Barsoum

    Unbelievable restraint!


    Agent Phillip Scala is horrible liar. As he speaks his eyes move down and look away. Totally lying in saying they couldn't see any favoritism in the "tapes"

  10. Johnny Luu

    The United States go after a president with corruption, prosecutions on fraud to the fullest. But yet, know all the sports are rigged for the $$$, it’s entertainment?

  11. Stuntman Beatz

    16:08 the purposely mentioned it on the phone 😂 they kno their calls are monitored

  12. Misc

    6:48 This the "Good Ol Boy network" where Whites "teach" Blacks a "lesson." Taking the "law" into their own hands. It's racism and it's White privilege. Do you not think that police officers, Judges, Bank Managers, or Bosses do the same thing?????

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