Thogden & Thogdad FINAL Premier League table predictions! 👀 | Saturday Social

Thogden & Thogdad join Joe and Smithy this week on Saturday Social. With the January transfer closed, we got Thogden and Thogdad to predict the outcome of the remainder of the Premier League season.
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  1. Darren Moloney

    If you kick man city out it would be different

  2. ChumpChamp

    That is a lovely shirt Thogdad has 😍

  3. Kyle Murphy

    When thogden speaks, you don’t listen

  4. kiran prakash

    Tottenham will be 4th.

  5. Jay Bevoman

    Joe and smithy are such plastic fans it's blatantly obvious

  6. patrick coakley

    Comedy channel lol

  7. MboliFihm Tech Disruptive Technologies Skills

    To me, their analysis is spot on.

  8. Jay Bevoman

    Sky getting desperate for guests these days

  9. Raphael D'C

    Have them on more!

  10. patrick coakley

    Get rid of the child in the back….. wow.. poor for yer standards

  11. Daniel Messent

    I think Man U will squeak top 4. I don’t think it’ll be pretty though

  12. Robert Maynard

    Thogdad what a legend

  13. Corey Gray

    City need to lose 1 game or drop points in 3 games other than against Liverpool and then it’s down to goal difference, they’ve got some tough matches too and their performance against Southampton wasn’t very convincing, it’s theirs to lose that’s all I’m saying

  14. Patrick Motzfeldt

    well… this aged well

  15. Candace Young

    Just discovering these two! These dudes are great! You’ve got a new subscriber in me ☺️

  16. Aaron T

    thogden sounds old

  17. Chief Kaizer

    Real Madrid for champions league

  18. Jacob Warren

    I love thogdad he's such a nice man

  19. Neeraj Sawlani

    Charlie Puth and Thogdad

  20. Raymond Saiz

    Do one where players fail to slide

  21. Guppy Bill

    Do a vid on announcers jinxing the next play. The TV graphics pop up some stat like consecutive extra points, free throws and the very next play is a fail. That could be a long video.

  22. Jason C.

    Sports rigged 🙈

  23. Jake Rivers

    John maddens call on fake reverse screen pass ain’t gettin enough love

  24. Wheat

    This could be a 10-20 min video of just Tony Romo

  25. F AL

    This is just proof the announcers get the script for the games. All sports are rigged.

  26. betJACK

    The Matt Tuiasosopo call would've legitimately paid MASSIVELY in a parlay. Love the aftermath even more, and love when stuff plays out like that. It makes for some of the best radio/TV calls around

  27. T Hicks

    These announcers are making fun of baseball fans right in front of their face. They always say "Couldn't have SCRIPTED it any better". They are not lying.

  28. It's Free 2 pay attention 2 kp kp 2

    If they don't understand it's fake they are living out Idiocracy

  29. Cornpop wuzza bad dude

    Sitting at red light just north of Houston Texas leaving on a road trip to San Antonio 3 1/2 hours away with my family, I saw a car with a luggage rack on it and had an instant random vision in my brain, and told my wife flat out, “we’re going to see that car just outside San Antonio,” and I’ll be damned on I-10 about five miles out of San Antonio they drove up on our side on the interstate. We screamed so loud for like an hour.

  30. BM crush gaming

    Tony Romo: oo time to shine

  31. Gabriel Dodds

    his luck is wayneing

  32. Gabriel Dodds

    2:20 what he needed to say was "rolling right…throwing out of bounds…looking weird"

  33. Bryce Eaton

    Does anyone else think Romo should be a defensive coordinator

  34. anubislee36

    9:00 doesn't get nearly enough credit. Perfect calls need more celebration, good god

  35. Allen

    Now let's hear the calls that were all wrong

  36. steve meters

    My Lord do I miss Dave Niehaus. MY OH MY!

  37. Nickolas Nielson

    The feeble feigned neon exemplarily jump because guilty evidently post lest a damp pollution. squealing, royal half-sister

  38. Kenny Planter

    The forgetful tooth cytochemically admit because zone broadly list like a ill downtown. simplistic, bewildered day

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