This Sports Betting Strategy Is The 1st Step To Finding Winning Bets!

This sports betting strategy will help you narrow down and find winning picks!
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Sometimes doing research to find a good bet can take a long time.

But it can be hard to pick and choose which bets are going to be the best ones to make a play on.

So in this video, I’m going to show you a website that you can use as your first step to finding winning bets.

Thanks for watching the video!

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    Like the video if you're going to use this strategy to find winning bets!

  2. Richard Alderman

    Your supposed to bet before the line movement. Not bet the same bet after it moves and get a worse number!

  3. kris schumacher

    The focus on number of games bet is misguided. If you have a system or model that is back-tested and has a proven edge (+EV plays), there may be days where the model points to 10+ plays OR there may be days where that model points to 0 plays. The whole concept of not betting a certain amount of games in a day is mathematically invalid.

  4. BettorOff

    Good info, thanks for the vid!

  5. Richard Kent

    What am i doing wrong. I go to covers and go to odds. Underneath "open" is the teams name. There aren't any opening odds listed. It has the various sportsbooks odds to the right but my page doesn't look like yours. What am i doing wrong?


    Don’t you generally want to fade where the money is going……Also, you could be ‘late to the party’ if the line has already moved 4 points and now your joining the side AFTER the move has already happened??? Please advise! Anyway just wondering and thanks for the info Frank….

  7. Marck Rodas

    College basketball has been profitable from that method you mentioned

  8. Marck Rodas

    I learned how to do value betting and using your skills as well. I try to find the best underdog

  9. greg K

    I do the exact same thing

  10. Truth888

    I just checked covers. Didn't find any in the major sports today. Can anyone point one out?

  11. Dan Parker

    Thanks for sharing that, I’ll check that out.
    I was betting like 10 games or so didn’t do so great. Looking at nba the overs records are close to .500 across the board so the odds get you. Now I bet the nhl overs check the over records but I add ga and gf divide by gp to get me a team over rating then add the team they play against. Bet if it’s 12.8 or better. Usually around 75% win for last twenty bets. Fewer bets that win better than quantity but I’m checking out your college basketball line movement.

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