This is how you win every game as Nasus vs a good toplaner!! | Carnarius | League of Legends

The rank 1 nasus Carnarius shows you how to hard carry and comeback from a losing game even against a good toplaner who punishes your mistakes.
Rank 1 nasus vs high elo urgot
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  1. last place

    why do you only post wins?

  2. mobilesuit urgot

    Is that kamon the urgot otp?

  3. Cheese Sticks

    Im loving the elder scrolls music haha

  4. Polina Minecraft

    Люблю смотреть твои видосики, пока особо сильно не разобрался в силе его, но надеюсь смогу освоить быстрее чтоб уже покарять своё лоу эло 🤡🎩✨

  5. Windsound's Channel

    When you know your enemy knows how to play top lane vs nasus

  6. Jacob Smith

    Let’s go!

  7. Frikipasta Kouja Beelzebuth

    I like Nasus, I got him to m6 already, but damn I wish laning phase wasn’t a torture all the time

  8. Qball

    that comeback was absolutely impressive most people would have thrown the towel when being bullied by urgot from the start like that

  9. Nguyễn Hiếu

    1080p60, i like that

  10. Matheus Carvalho

    I mean, Urgot played it well just the first couple waves. After that he began hitting the wave brainlessly and keeping it near Nasus tower lol

  11. Alberto Pellegrini

    thx a lot for the "little" coach

  12. Dani

    dudee freezeee this video make my eyes bleed

  13. David Ingraham

    0:47 when Nasus is so bad that starting E isn't even safe lol

  14. Ricky Dhilon

    Thanks for uploading your gameplay really helps learning nasus matchups

  15. Louis Castillo

    I started maining nasus because of you. But every game I get into is so painful. Nasus is so painful to play half the time getting counter picked in the lobby. The newer champs or ranged tops its hell.

  16. Lolatron45

    guys he wants my head. oblivion music starts playing

  17. Alan Vucetic

    “Not every game is going to be a YouTube video” – carn, YouTube

  18. GeoMine YT

    What urgot could have done better here carnarius? Did he should had let the wave push and freeze outside of his turret maybe?

  19. Antonio NG

    I somewhere heard that Ezreal was wonderful for SoloQ games because he can go poppin off as long as he doesn't die+farm and because of how much can he kinda free farm with his long range Q.

    This kinda feels Similar to Nasus, the only difference that Nasus not only hits like a truck with about 15 stacks per min, but also tanks damage as dang heq.

  20. Kevin Pino

    Hello Crnarius I wanted to know if you can reactivate the subtitles since I do not know English but I like your videos since I am otp nasus and I like to see how you play and without subtitles I do not understand you xd

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